Bajour synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Move Over, New York Move Over, New York Video
  3. Where Is The Tribe For Me?
  4. The Haggle The Haggle Video
  5. Love-Line Love-Line Video
  6. Words, Words, Words Words, Words, Words Video
  7. Mean Mean Video
  8. Bajour 
  9. Must It Be Love?
  10. Act 2
  11. Soon 
  12. I Can 
  13. Living Simply 
  14. Honest Man Honest Man Video
  15. Guarantees 
  16. Love Is A Chance
  17. The Sew-Up 
  18. Finale: Move Over, America 

Bajour synopsis

Bajour Synopsis - Broadway musical

A musical about the gypsies and about what makes this tribe – one of the songs is called like this – Where Is My Tribe – like a fortune-telling on arm. And things, of course, not only permitted by law. But this is not just a linear story – there is some student named Emily Kirsten – she is studying the long-standing traditions of the tribe of nomadic gypsies, to write her doctoral thesis. And she meets with the leader of the tribe, who wants to earn somehow USD 9000 to make ransom for the comely daughter of one of the men of his tribe, so she became a bride for his son, named with a common name in western-style Steve.

The future bride also wants to speed up this process of her ransom and offers scam, robbing some elderly woman, which is the mother of Emily Kirsten. This is how contact going of two different worlds in two different polar points: 1) the fact that someone is trying to take some good experience from gypsies and 2) it proves that gypsies only have good in words, because their relative robs some of your relatives telling you just before about the peacefulness of his mind.

Ernest Kinoy wrote the libretto, Walter Marks wrote everything else – lyrics & music.

Bajour is an ancient word, according to philological interpretations, signifying act of unlawful entice of money from a person.
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