How the Grinch Stole Christmas Musical Lyrics

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Lyrics

  1. Who Likes Christmas?   add
  2. This Time of Year   add
  3. I Hate Christmas Eve   add
  4. Whatchama Who Whatchama Who Video  add
  5. Welcome, Christmas
  6. I Hate Christmas Eve (Reprise)   add
  7. It's the Thought That Counts   add
  8. One of a Kind One of a Kind Video  add
  9. Now's the Time   add
  10. You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  11. Santa for a Day Santa for a Day Video  add
  12. You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch (Reprise)   add
  13. Who Like Christmas? (Reprise)   add
  14. One of a Kind (Reprise)   add
  15. This Time of Year (Reprise)   add
  16. Welcome, Christmas (Reprise)
  17. Santa For a Day (Reprise)   add
  18. Who Likes Christmas? (Reprise)   add

The musical has been released both on a stage and in the cinema. The plot of the show is based on the children's fairy tale written by Doctor Seuss. The first display of the musical on a scene took place in 1998 in San Diego. Besides, the audience saw the show on Broadway and during American tour in 2008. In 2010, one more North American tour took place. Since then, it has become a tradition, and the actors go on tour around the country every autumn. In 2000, the movie of the same name was made by Universal Pictures with Jim Carrey in a leading role. The world premiere took place on November 8.

The film has a set of the nominations and awards: Oscar (the Best work of the Art Director, the Best Design of Suits, and the Best Make-up), Golden Globe (for the Best man role in the musical/comedy), MTV-USA (the Best villain). In addition, the movie had also “negative” nominations – Golden Raspberry (the Worst scenario and the Worst remake/sequel). During the work on a movie, it was required: an application of work of make-up artists — 8000 times, fake objects — 300 pieces, candy reeds — 1938 pieces, the marble crumb used as snow — 69 tons, scenic suits — 443. Making up Jim Carrey took about three hours at the beginning of each filmmaking day. He hated yellow contact lenses, which he had to put on during the shootings. They were so inconvenient that some scenes had to be shot without them, and already later, by means of computer graphics, Jim's eyes gained the corresponding color.

Anthony Hopkins, whose voice the viewer hears off-screen, has sounded and written down all the off-screen text in one day. Jack Nicolson and Eddie Murphy could play a role of Grinch. Besides, for this role, they wanted to take Christopher Lloyd, but he has refused because of an illness.
Release date: 2006
Last Update:March, 10th 2016

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