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Album lyrics:
  1. Who Likes Christmas? 
  2. This Time of Year 
  3. I Hate Christmas Eve 
  4. Whatchama Who Whatchama Who Video
  5. Welcome, Christmas
  6. I Hate Christmas Eve (Reprise) 
  7. It's the Thought That Counts 
  8. One of a Kind One of a Kind Video
  9. Now's the Time 
  10. You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  11. Santa for a Day Santa for a Day Video
  12. You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch (Reprise) 
  13. Who Like Christmas? (Reprise) 
  14. One of a Kind (Reprise) 
  15. This Time of Year (Reprise) 
  16. Welcome, Christmas (Reprise)
  17. Santa For a Day (Reprise) 
  18. Who Likes Christmas? (Reprise) 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas synopsis

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the musical happens in mysterious Whoville. Christmas is a wonderful holiday, which is adored by all the residents of the fantastic town. Who doesn't love this time of the year, when everything around is covered with fluffy snow, when we feel a smell of a fir-tree, and people exchange with magnificent gifts? Therefore, on the eve of the holiday, the inhabitants are concerned about purchases of the gifts, decoration of the houses and, of course, preparation of dishes for the holiday table.

Once upon a time, a man lived in a town. His was called Grinch. His body was green and hairy. That's why nobody in the Whoville loved him. The main hero took offense on the inhabitants and decided to live on the lonely mountain, which was blown by winds. A dog was an only being, who kept his company. On this mountain, he sat in a cave and was angry at the whole world.

Grinch hated Christmas most of all. While the population of a town had fun with all hearts, the indicator of already bad Grinch's mood expressed something awful. Each Christmas appeared to be a terrible torture for the green hermit. One day, a spiteful inhabitant of the mountain decided to finish a holiday once and for all. While the carefree Whovilleans were sleeping in holiday night with pleasure, perfidious Grinch decided to steal Christmas from the citizens, to make nobody able to have fun anymore.

Now, as well as the residents of the town, Grinch is in cares: he needs to prepare an ideal crime, that nobody could follow his ways. Two teenagers and two girls got on the mountain, where Grinch lived, and it finally angered him. He left the cave, put on a fancy dress and went down to the city, where he began to frighten everyone, who occurred on his path. What to do, if the circumstance, which is hard to cope with, unexpectedly interferes into the plans of Grinch? To speak more precisely, it is the little girl, who even wants to make friends with the character.

The girl, who helped the father with mail, was frightened so much that she fell in the packing machine, but then, probably, Grinch felt sorry and pulled her out. Cindy thanked him. Being raged by the fact that someone can think that he is kind, Grinch wrapped her with the tinsel. Then the girl thought that, maybe, Grinch is not so bad as everyone speaks about him. She also absolutely cannot understand the sense of Christmas and wants to reconcile him with the residents. However, finally, Grinch realizes that sense of Christmas is not in gifts. The repentant villain decided to return the gifts to the inhabitants, and they accepted him to their society.
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