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Aspects of Love Musical Lyrics

Aspects of Love description

Show started in 1989 in the West End. The creators were: Gillian Lynne, choreographer & Trevor Nunn was a director. Moderately successful, the musical lasted for more than 1320 performances and original had following actors in it: A. Crumb, S. Brightman, M. Ball, K. Colson, M. Praed, K. R. McAllen, D. Morrison & B. Ingham. In the play, there was participation of one of the most famous James Bonds – notable Roger Moore. In an interview about the reasons for leaving, he mentioned technical inability of interaction with the orchestra in musicals. Too bad that his departure was made in just 2 weeks before the opening date and urgently he had to be replaced by Kevin Colson.

Theatre, named in honor of Prince, Prince of Wales Theatre, took the play in the West End. It migrated to Broadway in 1990 – a year after the successful premiere and closed with less than a resounding success – we can say, absolutely without it, because only 399 performances were shown, if including the pre-premiere 22 shows. After that, the actor John Cullum joined to the main composition of a troupe. The American public did not take the show, and critics said that the closure of the musical was a complete loss of investment in non-small amount of USD 8 million – at that time, probably the biggest money failure by the standards of Broadway.

Musical had a lot of world shows – Canada, Finland, Philippines, Denmark, Japan, Hungary, UK – that's where it had visited in 1991. In 2007, his resurrection was made in UK, 15 years later. And as many as 36 weeks, it played on the UK with the cast: K. Smith, R. Finlayson, A. Kilian & S. Peo.

After another three years, in 2010, from July to September, the director Trevor Nunn has made the new resurrection (again with the other actors). Attempts to revive it in the US were not undertaken because that the public did not take a strong classical for the UK’s theaters. 2012 witnessed the showing in Deutschland and in 2014 – in UK again.
Release date: 1989
Last Update:December, 02nd 2015

Aspects of Love Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Love Changes Everything Lyrics
  3. A Small Theatre in Montphile Lyrics
  4. Parlez-vous Francais? Lyrics
  5. The Railway Station Lyrics
  6. Seeing is Believing Lyrics
  7. The House in Pau Lyrics
  8. An Art Exhibition in Paris Lyrics
  9. A Memory of a Happy Moment Lyrics
  10. In Many Rooms in the House at Pau Lyrics
  11. On the Terrace Lyrics
  12. Outside the Bedroom Lyrics
  13. Chanson d'Enfance Lyrics
  14. At the House at Pau Lyrics
  15. Everybody Loves A Hero Lyrics
  16. George's flat in Paris Lyrics
  17. First Orchestral Interlude Lyrics
  18. She'd Be Far Better Off with You Lyrics
  19. Second Orchestral interlude Lyrics
  20. Stop. Wait. Please. Lyrics
  21. A registry office Lyrics
  22. A Military Camp in Malaysia Lyrics
  23. Act 2
  24. Orchestral introduction to Act 2 Lyrics
  25. A theatre in Paris Lyrics
  26. Leading Lady Lyrics
  27. At the Stage Door Lyrics
  28. George's House at Pau Lyrics
  29. Other Pleasures Lyrics
  30. A Cafe in Venice Lyrics
  31. There is More to Love Lyrics
  32. The garden in Pau Lyrics
  33. Mermaid Song Lyrics
  34. The Country Side Around the House Lyrics
  35. The Garden at Pau Lyrics
  36. On the terrace Lyrics
  37. The First Man You Remember Lyrics
  38. The Vineyard at Pau Lyrics
  39. Up in the Pyrenees Lyrics
  40. George's Study at Pau Lyrics
  41. Journey of a Lifetime Lyrics
  42. Falling Lyrics
  43. Jenny's Bedroom in Paris Lyrics
  44. Hand Me the Wine And the Dice Lyrics
  45. A Hey Loft Lyrics
  46. On the Terrace Lyrics
  47. Anything But Lonely Lyrics

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