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Applause Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Backstage Babble
  3. Think How It's Gonna Be
  4. But Alive
  5. The Best Night of My Life
  6. Who's That Girl?   add
  7. Applause
  8. Hurry Back   add
  9. Fasten Your Seat Belts   add
  10. Welcome to the Theatre   add
  11. Act 2
  12. Good Friends   add
  13. She's No Longer a Gypsy   add
  14. One of a King   add
  15. One Hallowe'en   add
  16. Something Greater   add
  17. Finale

C. Strouse wrote the music for the play & L. Adams wrote the words. Initially, these two wanted to make Broadway musical adapted from the motion picture of 1950. Nevertheless, in the final version, which made back in 1970, and later, everything revolves not around girl named Eve, a newcomer in the theater business, but around Margo. But still, the orbit of her egocentrism is too fast and deadly strictly made unstable by the same Eve, which is not nice and fluffy but evil and cunning person wishing to get the best place in the sun by any means.

Musical could not be delivered for a long time, because company that owns the rights to it, Twentieth Century Fox, refused to sell the film’s rights to the story, and even the name was not allowed to be used. But the creators were going-forward guys and decided that they still can make a musical, if take only the basis of the movie, not itself as a whole, if purchasing the rights to the sources. However, they had to redo all the words and all the characters that were involved in film, but in 1969, under the leadership of director Lawrence Kasha, the play has gone on developing actively and the then Lauren Bacall was involved to star, taking the role of Margo. This role, as she explained, was absolutely identical to what was happening in her life, and she penetrated it at 100%, so she could feel herself organically with this immediately.

A new book has been developed, for which A. Green & B. Comden were invited. They moved the story 20 years forward, to the year of 1970, present time, and developed new characters, replacing them with not only occupation, but even with gender and orientation. Despite the fact that after this big studio changed its mind and gave the rights to the plot to musical’s staging in the form in which they possessed it, the creators did not take this chance, because at that time they’ve developed literally new production and it was impossible to rewrite.
Release date: 1970
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