Applause review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Backstage Babble
  3. Think How It's Gonna Be
  4. But Alive
  5. The Best Night of My Life
  6. Who's That Girl? 
  7. Applause
  8. Hurry Back 
  9. Fasten Your Seat Belts 
  10. Welcome to the Theatre 
  11. Act 2
  12. Good Friends 
  13. She's No Longer a Gypsy 
  14. One of a King 
  15. One Hallowe'en 
  16. Something Greater 
  17. Finale

Applause review

Applause Review - Broadway musical

We are not in doubt that according to the same principle film of Farelli brothers There’s Something About Mary with Cameron Diaz in the lead role has been named. Everyone went crazy with the beautiful and smiley girl so much that around her a vortex of events formed – just as in this play. Margo was eventually put on the first place – a long-standing and well-known actress who, as in the movie named Showgirls by Paul Verhoeven of 1995, starring Elizabeth Berkley (the film failed to gain profitable revenues against its expenditures). Showgirls in bright, expressive and very seductive manner tells about a girl who has achieved tops of fame after replaced in the most brazen manner much more vivid and experienced actress who was on top of the world in a dance show on Las Vegas. This musical contains, in fact, the same storyline – we have someone experienced and grown wise and she weakens the vital grip letting the newcomer slipped through into her life (in astronomical terms – it is just the blink) and so the latter captures all the world of the person, forcing her out and firmly pushing her off the pedestal of greatness to which she has elevated herself.

The plot is quite interesting and eternal as the world – old and experienced person is going through the onslaught of the young, who eventually takes her place of life, work and achieves this much more quickly than was obtained by an experienced one. This is generally called the circle of life and the wheel of incessant roundabout where you have to step aside someday to make way for progress in the face of new people or new technologies (new technologies are the basis for changes to a small gray man in the musical named Adding Machine, who has been fired from his job due to the technological progress). It happens everywhere, and this cannot be avoided. Stability only is on the cemetery and this is the harsh truth of life you’d better getting used to. Precisely this global idea is embodied in this play, which is done against the backdrop of the theater and antagonists are the old and the young actresses. Last gradually enters the circle of life of Margo and eventually fully incorporates all her surroundings.

The story began to be developed in the distant 1946 as radio show. Then the next stage was the film adaptation and, starting from it, there was built completely independent musical that came out even more vibrant and colorful than the movie itself. Critics praised film, and it had a huge box office success – surely, as it told about what is close to everyone. The film was phenomenally successful in terms of awards – there were 14 Oscar nominations and 6 wins received out of them. The movie was filmed in 1950, and a musical – 20 years later. Musical lasted for 896 performances, which at that time was truly stunning number. Now, nobody will be surprised of even the figure of 3000 ones, which at least five musicals have crossed. In London, the show took another 382 plays, since November of 1972.
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