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Quilters Lyrics

The script of the musical was composed by B. Damashek & M. Newman. The music & lyrics were created by B. Damashek. The world premiere of the show was presented by Denver Center Theatre Company in December 1982. The histrionics was directed by B. Damashek and such actors were involved: E. Baron, L. Peterson, L. Lobban, K. Lohman, R. McNamara, B. S. Taylor & C. Way. In June 1983, production took place in Pittsburgh’s Hazlett Theater and lasted for 38 performances. In December 1983, a musical was staged in Los Angeles Mark Taper Forum. From August to September 1984, show was held at the Washington Kennedy Center.

In September 1984, preliminaries for Broadway began. Production took place in Jack Lawrence Theatre from September to October 1984. There were 5 try-outs and 24 regular performances. Musical director was B. Damashek again. Such cast participated: L. Peterson, E. Baron, M. Berman, A. Cuervo, L. Lobban & E. K.Chatfield. In 1986, Frontier Follies presented staging in Jamestown, North Dakota, directed by T. S. Wahl. The main spectacular’s star was Mary Reinhardt.

In July 2009, production took place in Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre. The director and choreographer of the show was M. Sprout. The cast was the following: M. Taylor, J. Dubois & H. Toll. In 2009, in Denver Stage Theatre hosted the second staging the production. Director was Penny Metropulos. The cast was the following: K. M. Brady, C. Rowan, V. Adams-Zischke, S. Flood & K. Lindsay. In April 2016, the musical was shown in Maryland’s Rockville Musical Theatre, directed by P. Loebach. In the cast were: A. Winter, M. I. Rocke, V. Hubert & H. Templeton. In 1985, the play was 6 times nominated for Tony and won the first prize on Edinburgh Festival.
Release date: 1984
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