Most Happy Fella, The Musical Lyrics

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Most Happy Fella, The Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Ooh, My Feet
  4. I Know How It Is
  5. I Don't Know (The Letter)   add
  6. Maybe He's Kind of Crazy   add
  7. Somebody, Somewhere
  8. The Most Happy Fella
  9. The Letter Theme   add
  10. Standing on the Corner
  11. Joey, Joey, Joey
  12. Soon You Gonna Leave Me, Joe   add
  13. Rosabella
  14. Abbondanza Abbondanza Video  add
  15. Plenty Bambini   add
  16. Sposalizio
  17. Special Delivery!   add
  18. Benvenuta Benvenuta Video  add
  19. Aren't You Glad Aren't You Glad Video  add
  20. No Home, No Job   add
  21. Don't Cry
  22. Act 2
  23. Fresno Beauties
  24. Love and Kindness
  25. Happy to Make Your Acquaintance Happy to Make Your Acquaintance Video  add
  26. I Don't Like This Dame I Don't Like This Dame Video  add
  27. Big "D"
  28. How Beautiful the Days
  29. Young People Young People Video  add
  30. Warm All Over
  31. Old People   add
  32. I Like Everybody
  33. I Love Him/I Know How It Is   add
  34. Like a Woman Loves a Man Like a Woman Loves a Man Video  add
  35. My Heart is So Full of You
  36. Hoedown   add
  37. Mamma, Mamma Mamma, Mamma Video  add
  38. Act 3
  39. Song of a Summer Night
  40. Please Let Me Tell You
  41. Tell Tony and Rosabella Goodbye for Me   add
  42. She Gonna Come Home Wit' Me   add
  43. Nobody's Ever Gonna Love You   add
  44. I Made A Fist
  45. Finale

The most part of the musical was created by just one man – Frank Loesser. He was responsible for the music and lyrics. He was also the one, who recommended a play, which performance was then based upon. It was written by S. Howard.
Some parts of a play were omitted, including religious and political issues. The idea to create a show appeared in 1952. It took 4 years to bring it to life. From the very beginning, “Most Happy Fella” was described as opera. Critics also referred to it as music drama. But it is still thought to be close enough to opera.
Broadway premier happened in May 1956. Joseph Anthony became a director, K. Bloomgarden produced the musical, J. Mielziner created lightning and scenic design and D. Krupska was responsible for choreography. The show was first staged at Imperial Theatre and then the following year, moved to Broadway Theatre. List of actors includes: R. Weede, J. Sullivan, A. Lund, S. Johnson, S. Long, M. Paulee and Z. Bethune.
The audience had enjoyed Broadway production for more than a year. Besides, this musical had a new life after some time. It was staged at New York City Centre. There were only sixteen performances there though. There was also a West End version, displayed in 1960 at London Coliseum with almost 300 performances.
In 1979, there was Broadway revival, which took place at Majestic Theatre. Later, in 1991, another production in NY at City Opera was held.
This theatrical was nominated for many times since 1956. It received two Theatre World Awards, one Tony for the Best Performance and a Drama Desk Award for the Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical.
Release date: 1956
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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