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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Ooh, My Feet
  4. I Know How It Is
  5. I Don't Know (The Letter) 
  6. Maybe He's Kind of Crazy 
  7. Somebody, Somewhere
  8. The Most Happy Fella
  9. The Letter Theme 
  10. Standing on the Corner
  11. Joey, Joey, Joey
  12. Soon You Gonna Leave Me, Joe 
  13. Rosabella
  14. Abbondanza Abbondanza Video
  15. Plenty Bambini 
  16. Sposalizio
  17. Special Delivery! 
  18. Benvenuta Benvenuta Video
  19. Aren't You Glad Aren't You Glad Video
  20. No Home, No Job 
  21. Don't Cry
  22. Act 2
  23. Fresno Beauties
  24. Love and Kindness
  25. Happy to Make Your Acquaintance Happy to Make Your Acquaintance Video
  26. I Don't Like This Dame I Don't Like This Dame Video
  27. Big "D"
  28. How Beautiful the Days
  29. Young People Young People Video
  30. Warm All Over
  31. Old People 
  32. I Like Everybody
  33. I Love Him/I Know How It Is 
  34. Like a Woman Loves a Man Like a Woman Loves a Man Video
  35. My Heart is So Full of You
  36. Hoedown 
  37. Mamma, Mamma Mamma, Mamma Video
  38. Act 3
  39. Song of a Summer Night
  40. Please Let Me Tell You
  41. Tell Tony and Rosabella Goodbye for Me 
  42. She Gonna Come Home Wit' Me 
  43. Nobody's Ever Gonna Love You 
  44. I Made A Fist
  45. Finale

Most Happy Fella, The review

Most Happy Fella, The Review - Broadway musical

It is an amazing story, which may touch the hearts of everyone. There is no politics or religion here. All that a viewer can see is just life. ‘Most Happy Fella’ is a wonderful love story with a happy ending. However, it might become the reason for some people not to like it, because it is not always so in reality. In everyday life, we face injustice, lies and cruelty. The situation does not always end happily. People may get hurt. But in this musical, it is not so.
The performance brings hope and inspiration to those, who are ready to receive it. The actors play wonderfully. They manage to transfer the emotions of their characters. There are lots of songs in the show, perfectly matching the scenes. That is why it is called an opera. So, any opera-lover will be glad to watch and listen to this histionics. The audience can also enjoy plenty of dances, which cannot leave indifferent.
The most important lesson of the musical is probably that you can always find happiness. It does not matter, how old you are. Besides, it points out that the age difference is not vital in love. What is more, the happiest man is the one, who is able to forgive the others for their mistakes. That’s why the performance is titled so.
This spectacular has become prodigiously successful. It has had several revivals on the stage. People still want to watch it, as it is quite true.
Here you will like costumes and decorations as well. Enjoy beautiful voices, talented acting, nice songs and creative dances. You will see that the musical has deserved all its awards and nominations. Fantastic costumes were not the highlight of this histrionics. The essentials here belief in yourself, dedication to the object of your love. You should not give up even if someone tells you that you aren’t good enough to do what you’re doing (or too old to love). Remember – when people say ‘you can’t’, they define their limitations, not yours.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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