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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Ooh, My Feet
  4. I Know How It Is
  5. I Don't Know (The Letter) 
  6. Maybe He's Kind of Crazy 
  7. Somebody, Somewhere
  8. The Most Happy Fella
  9. The Letter Theme 
  10. Standing on the Corner
  11. Joey, Joey, Joey
  12. Soon You Gonna Leave Me, Joe 
  13. Rosabella
  14. Abbondanza Abbondanza Video
  15. Plenty Bambini 
  16. Sposalizio
  17. Special Delivery! 
  18. Benvenuta Benvenuta Video
  19. Aren't You Glad Aren't You Glad Video
  20. No Home, No Job 
  21. Don't Cry
  22. Act 2
  23. Fresno Beauties
  24. Love and Kindness
  25. Happy to Make Your Acquaintance Happy to Make Your Acquaintance Video
  26. I Don't Like This Dame I Don't Like This Dame Video
  27. Big "D"
  28. How Beautiful the Days
  29. Young People Young People Video
  30. Warm All Over
  31. Old People 
  32. I Like Everybody
  33. I Love Him/I Know How It Is 
  34. Like a Woman Loves a Man Like a Woman Loves a Man Video
  35. My Heart is So Full of You
  36. Hoedown 
  37. Mamma, Mamma Mamma, Mamma Video
  38. Act 3
  39. Song of a Summer Night
  40. Please Let Me Tell You
  41. Tell Tony and Rosabella Goodbye for Me 
  42. She Gonna Come Home Wit' Me 
  43. Nobody's Ever Gonna Love You 
  44. I Made A Fist
  45. Finale

Most Happy Fella, The synopsis

Most Happy Fella, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the musical takes place in San Francisco. At the beginning, we see two girls – a waitress Cleo and her co-worker and friend, Rosabella. The latest receives a note from a man. After some thinking, she decides to respond.
Then we see a man, who is the author of the letter. He lives in Napa and he is old enough. He is an Italian immigrant, who has a farm. He likes Rosabella from the first sight, when he gets her photo. He also wants to send his one in return. However, his sister Marie tells him that he is too old for her. That’s why an old man chooses to send a photo of a young and handsome guy, who is going to leave Napa soon.
After some time, Rosabella comes to that place to see her beloved. But it suddenly turns out that a young man from the photograph has decided to stay and visit the wedding of the couple. Rosabella meets him and finds out, her beloved one is not him. She is very upset and wants to go away. But a car accident, which has happened with the old farmer, forces her to stay. He asks her to marry him, as he might die, and she agrees. She is worried. The young man from the picture tries to comfort her and they get closer. Nevertheless, both of them soon regret of what they have done.
After a week, the newlyweds decide to have a fresh start. Cleo is invited to come to the farm as well. The farmer has offered a job for her as well. Cleo does not like the sister of the old man from the very beginning. Marie tries to convince her brother that the age difference is too big, and he starts to believe her. However, Rosabella does everything to prove, he is not right, and makes a love confession. The man is extremely happy and inspired.
Rosabella soon finds out that she is pregnant. What is more, the father of a baby is that attractive young man, who has comforted her after the car crash.
Cleo has an affair with one of the helpers of the farmer. But he seems too passive to her. She tells him, she might leave soon, but he does not express any sadness. Rosabella finally decides to uncover the truth to her husband. He is very angry that he is not a father of a child. Both girls are going to come back home. The young man also wants to leave. That makes an old farmer think, they leave together. He takes a gun and goes to a bus station. Nevertheless, when he comes there, he finds out, that the young man has already gone. He finally chooses to forgive Rosabella. They decide to tell everyone that he is a father.
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