A Year With Frog And Toad lyrics - Year with Frog and Toad, A

A Year With Frog And Toad lyrics

A Year With Frog And Toad

We flew south for the winter
South for the winter
Every fall we pack our things and go
We know just how to time it to find the proper climate
One that doesn,t feature any snow
Cause when it snows you shiver
And it,s difficult to fly
There isn,t any food, which is another reason why
We go south for the winter
South for the winter
But we,re back! It,s almost spring!
In spring the weather,s lovely!
It elevates the mood
But even more important:
There,s a plentitude of food!
So if you,re feeling peckish
You could go for seconds
Even thirds!

Boy bird: winter,s for the birds!

Lady bird 2 (spoken): no it isn,t!

Boy bird: it,s an expression!

Lady bird 2 (spoken): oh,.

Winter now is over!
The snow has all been snowed!
Spring is near, which starts a year
With frog and toad!

Boy bird (spoken):
Well, it,s true folks! Spring is almost here! The sun will be shining,
The flowers will be growing, the birds will be chirping!

Lady birds: chirp chirpety chirp!

Boy bird (spoken): here we have frog. And over here we have toad.
They are both at the end of a winter long hibernation.
Let,s take a peek in and see what they,re dreaming about.

I,d like to sing a little ode
About my good friend toad
Toad with whom i frequently take tea
He,s not so good at sports
And of course, he,s got those warts, but
Toad has been a lovely friend to me
Toad i feel is vastly under rated
And furthermore i think misunderstood
And in conclusion, i will add
He is the finest friend of all the critters
In the neighborhood

I love a lively dialogue
With my good friend frog
Chatting over cozy cups of tea
He knows just the thing to say
That will brighten up my day, oh
Frog has been a lovely friend to me
Frog is very kindly in his nature
Magnanimous whenever playing host
Of all the creatures in my sphere of influence
I,m found to stop at frog the most
There is a frog

There is a toad

And he lives just down the road

There could be no better friend for me

Or me

It seems

Frog is the frog

Toad is the toad

Of my dreams

Frog (spoken):
Hello toad!

Toad (spoken):
Hello, frog!

Frog (spoken):
What are you doing in my dream,

Toad (spoken):
Funny, i was about to ask you the same thing.

Frog (spoken):
Oh, well it certainly is nice to see you!

Toad (spoken):
I feel the same way. How has your winter been,

Frog (spoken):
Well, i,m hibernating, so there isn,t much to report.

Toad (spoken):
It,s about the same for me. This is a very nice dream though!

Frog (spoken):
Yes, it is. Well, i,m getting ready to wake up, so you,d better get back to your own dream,
I,ll see you when you wake up!

Toad (spoken):
Yes, i,d better get back to hibernating! Spring is almost here!

Frog (spoken):
Oh, i think it,s just around the corner. Birds,

The sun is out
The sky is clear
We came back
Spring,s almost be here
So let,s begin another year

A year with frog and toad!
A year with frog and toad!

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