Year with Frog and Toad, A synopsis

Year with Frog and Toad, A Synopsis - Broadway musical

Anuran & Hoptoad were hibernating amphibians. When the birds began to prepare for a springtide, awakened amigos began to warble of mutual croneyism & new adventures of the upcoming season. After waking, Hoptoad decided to arrange the garden. He planted the seeds & began to dwell in eager anticipation. Hoptoad felt that shoots did not want to appear. Amphibian began to be angry at the lazy seeds. Worried then that frightened by his swearing, sprouts never will show themselves, Hoptoad began to sing, dance & play the trumpet for the future herbs & flowers. The method worked & in the garden of a Hoptoad appeared the first green shoots. Learning about the sadness of Hoptoad due to the fact that letters never come to him, Anuran wrote a letter & asked the snail Snail to deliver it to Hoptoad. Soon friends went to swim. Hoptoad very worried about the look of his bathing suit, so Hoptoad tried to slip into the water unnoticed. When the animals gathered near the pond, wishing to see his dress, he decided not to go on shore at all. But freezing because of long swimming, Hoptoad eventually went out of the water. Only phlegmatic turtle did not pay any attention to him, continuing to feed the fish in the pond.

Anuran left another note saying that he went to the island, wanting to be alone. Hoptoad began to worry about his comrade. Going to console grieving Anuran, he had prepared a dinner for two & went to the islet. During the crossing the water, Hoptoad fell into it & soaked all food. Seeing that the Anuran was gone there not to miss, but to think, Hoptoad was delighted. The friends ate wet sandwiches, enjoying each other's company. Meanwhile, the snail-postman continued to move towards the Hoptoad’s house. Later Hoptoad baked cookies, which he treated the Anuran & birds. Two friends launched a kite, although they were prevented by flying feathered friends. Summer was over soon & the trees started losing leaves. The birds flew south. Deciding to make a nice thing to his friend, Anuran secretly gathered fallen leaves in his courtyard. A similar thought came to mind of Hoptoad too. But they did not find out about their mutual caring, as rambunctious squirrels mixed neat tops with leaves in one pile. A few days later, the storm began. Anuran told his friend terrible story of a family, lost in the dense forests. When mom & dad went to look for a way out of the thicket, their little kid, a Anuran, was attacked by a terrible giant Anurangy. Young Anuran barely escaped the dreadful fate of being swallowed alive.

Winter came down. Moles ascended on the surface to play with the snow. Snail still continued to crawl to the Hoptoad’s house. Anuran & Hoptoad decided to get down from a steep hill on a sled. Going down, the Anuran fell off to the slope. Doing dangerous path alone, the Hoptoad was angry at his friend. But resentment at his friend passed immediately, when Hoptoad read the letter, which finally delivered the snail. The letter said how glad Anuran to have such a wonderful friend. He also mentioned that he was happy only when all is well with Hoptoad. Hoptoad forgave his friend & was no longer angry at him. Snail was proud that she was able to deliver her first letter to the addressee. Christmas Eve arrived. Anuran was late for a meeting to the friend & Hoptoad began to worry. He changed in his mind the heap of terrible things that could happen to his comrade. When Anuran finally came, it turned out – the delay was related with the packaging of a gift for Hoptoad. & again, they both lay in their beds, to sleep off one more winter. Singing birds should awake them only in early spring.
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