Wiz, The synopsis

Wiz, The synopsis

Wiz, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

A girl used to live with her aunt & Uncle on a ranch in the small town on the USA. A girl dreamed of seeing distant lands. Aunt worried about a niece; she loved a girl & hoped that they would always be together.

The thunderstorm was approaching. Her relatives hid deep down in the basement of their habitat, but a girl was caught by a storm inside the living place. The thunderstorm rips off the structure & takes it far away from the farm, where a girl was hoping not to die. Tornado brought her on a meadow, right on Evamean, Bad virago. The latter was killed.

Caught in a strange site among flowers, a girl had met the Weal North Virago. As girl had inextricable desire to return from where she was, she had to visit the Wizard of this state – Wiz, according Weal North Virago. A girl had to ask this fellow about her return. Weal North Virago presented a girl argent footgear like a talisman.
A girl hit the road. Stopping to rest on some field, she have met talking Jackstraw. It dreamt so Wiz gave it the possibility to reflect. Hitting the road at three, travelers meet the Cannikin Lumberman, who wished to receive the ticker. Altogether they’ve became acquainted with Pusillanimous Leo, which wanted to be audacious; large company continues their way.

Wanderers had to overcome a meadow of hop poppies. Plants hadn’t affect the Jackstraw & the Cannikin Lumberman, but the protagonist & the Pusillanimous Leo gatherer own strengths to stampede outta there in order not to fall asleep till the end of times.

Approaching the gates of the Emerald City, travelers wore special glasses to avoid being blinded by its light. The company went through the streets. Strangers were accompanied to the palace of Wiz. When they arrived in the hall of the ruler, a company saw Wiz himself in different guises. Upon hearing from the wanderers, the mogul agreed to fulfill arriving creatures’ desires, if only they would assassin Evillene, Licentious Necromancer of their West.

Evillene ruled lands, enslaving her people. Pinioned Simians helped Licentious Necromancer in her bad business. When travelers got closer to her castle, they were captured by ones. Silver shoes worn by girl helped the girl avoid the fate of becoming a slave of Evillene. Seeing what witch has made with girl’s sidekicks, lassie grabbed a bowk of aqua & poured on the Licentious Necromancer, so she melted.

Going back to the Virid Borough, travelers accidentally discovered the secret of Wiz. Leo broke the mirror baffle plate & it turned out that Wiz was an ordinary man from Omaha, who skillfully used optical illusions so city dwellers apprehended him as a magician. Because they wore green glasses, everything seemed to be emerald to everyone. Taking advantage of the confusion of urbanites, Wiz fled from the city on a big balloon.

Then Addaperle sent the company to Glinda, the Blessing Sorcerer of the South. She explained to the girl that she must press three times on the magic shoes & she would be home. During the journey, the Pusillanimous Leo has become brave, Jackstraw learnt to think; Cannikin Lumberman began to feel. Thinking what she was able to acquire & to lose during the journey, Girl touched her shoes. Her friends melted away immediately, she returned home & happily hugged aunt & uncle.
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