Wiz, The review

Wiz, The review

Wiz, The Review - Broadway musical

With each new production, this show stayed fresh and modern, showing the audience a unique music culture of African Americans. The main libretto’s idea was to believe in yourself. Only then, you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

The plot of the spectacular is virtually identical to the book’s basis, and that is why it will be equally interesting to both adults and children from around the world, who have read a book. Well-organized advertising campaign at the time has helped to make this performance welcome before the release, and then to achieve box-office success with the audience. Changing all the time its inner compositions according to musical trends of times, regular update of choreography and set design gave it the right to life virtually forever, as long as the tickets will be sold-out, as it has unconditional love of the audience.

The very basis of the book as if was asking to appear on theatrical stage. It has the ability to show sorcery and magic, optical effects, glowing Emerald City, the wizard-magicians, terrible tornado that ruined a house of the main character and so on. And the proof of that – the existence even of a few musicals, all of which are based on the book by Frank Baum ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’. But only one of them was originally adapted to the African-American culture, allowing lovers to become better acquainted with it. And this is ‘The Wiz’, giving the audience in the movie version the debut of young Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow with incredible plasticity. It also revealed us 33-year-old Diana Ross with special angular movements as Dorothy-teenager, and comedian Richard Pryor, played a part of Wizard of Oz.

All critics, without exception, spoke positively about every production of the play, including its film and theater version. In each country where it was running, it had nice success.

What is important that, in addition to the fact of well-calculated commercial component and great music, passionate dances and straight content, this performance raises a very important social theme: if you believe in something and pursue it, then you will, for sure, achieve it. And you will not need witchcraft or magic. If you have friends, each of which could not be that strong himself or herself, forming a team together, you will be able to achieve much more goals that you could, being loners. About it sings the Good Witch Glinda in the final part of the performance. To this thought comes the main character, who found her friends in a dreamland. Each one of them was able to achieve the desired goals, without resorting to the wizardry. And even the Wiz wasn’t a wizard, but was a good professional illusionist and politician – which is also important in life.
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