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Outside the Big Box lyrics

Outside the Big Box

Every little dream is just like a spark
if you share it, it will grow and before you know
someone wants to join your flame, and you know the world
the world will never be the same dreams multiply.
When they say to you that?s the way it?s done
you can tell them don?t you know
there?s more ways than one.
You can draw outside the line,
step out side your line.
We can start beginning now, remember how?
When everything you read, everything you eat,
everything you see is mass-produced
and you know that life, life will start to loose its juice,
so you must create you don?t have to walk,
the way that everyone walks,
Think outside the big box.
Think outside the big box. The world is waiting for you!

[Thanks to Sloane for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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