Walmartopia synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture 
  2. A New Age Has Begun A New Age Has Begun Video
  3. American Dream 
  4. March Of The Executives 
  5. Baby Girl Baby Girl Video
  6. The Future Is Ours 
  7. A Woman's Place 
  8. Flash Them Bootstraps 
  9. Heave-Ho! 
  10. Walmartopia
  11. Uncle Sam's Commercial 
  12. American Dream (Reprise) 
  13. One Stop Salvation 
  14. The Future Is Ours (Reprise) 
  15. Socialist Paradise (Suck On This) 
  16. These Bullets Are Freedom 
  17. Consume/American Dream (Reprise) 
  18. What Kind Of Mother? 
  19. Outside the Big Box
  20. Band Playout 

Walmartopia synopsis

Walmartopia Synopsis - Broadway musical

A single mother Vicki, together with her offspring Maia has a job at Wal-Mart hypermarket. Offspring & swabber Miguel tried to organize a union there. Corporate executives gathered for an appointment at hypermarket’s headquarters. General director Scott Smiley did not know what to do with journalists, accusing them in environmental deterioration, violations of the rights of employees & discrimination against women. Living with her daughter Vicki tried to convince Maia – only work at this shop will help them to improve their living conditions. General director & a head of the research department, met to chat over the opening of a time warp that will help company to captivate the entire planet. After talking with her manager, Vicki learned the bad news – other one was appointed on the position, which promised to be given to Vicky before. A woman was outraged with such discrimination. Pearson asked Vicki to make chant along with her daughter for company’s stakeholders. Deciding to use this opportunity to reveal the truth to the management about bad treatment with employees, the woman agreed.

In the corporate HQ, a manager of research department took from the past to present time a hypermarkets’ founder Mr. Walton’s living head. Speaking in front of members-directors, a founder decided to seize the leadership over the entire company. Invited to this meeting as singers Vicki with daughter tried to explain him the violations of workers' rights, but they only angered Mr. Sam Walton. Realizing that women know too much now, a manager of research department sent them into the future. Appearing in a new time, the mother & daughter have learned – Bentonville, where the HQ of Wal-Mart previously was, became the world’s capital & hypermarkets have covered the entire planet. Women soon were caught & sent to a detention cell. There they met the actor Zeb, detained for criticism of Wal-Mart. In prison appeared adviser James, who was looking for artists on the roles of terrorists, allegedly threaten to hypermarkets. Vicki, Maia & Zeb were chosen to represent these characters.

After 30 years, Mr. Walton’s living head still continued to rule the company. He had decided to make the broadcast, which would allow convincing the public of necessity to attack state of Vermont. It was the only place on Earth where authorities resisted to Wal-Mart. During rehearsals, hypermarkets’ soldiers stopped the terrorists using hymn of the company. Vicki & her daughter tried to convince the director of show in its chauvinistic orientation, but he only detained Maia as the rebel. Then the woman & actor witnessed how Sam Walton changed Vermont’s resident, by injecting in him a drug that caused the desire to make purchases only at Wal-Mart. Realizing that the home country is in trouble, Zeb asked Vicki to help him to warn other people about the dangers. Soon the false-terrorists burst into the studio, according to the script. When Vicki & Zeb lowered weapons, they confused the rest of the cast with their actions. Suddenly there appeared Maia, who captivated a head of Sam Walton. She demanded Vicki & Zeb performed live. Her mother told everyone about the company's plans. She asked to find the strength & the creativity to break free from the influence of hypermarkets. Soon, the company leaders were defeated & the future, free from the domination of Wal-Mart, revealed to Mankind.
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