Title Of Show synopsis

Title Of Show synopsis

Title Of Show Synopsis - Broadway musical

This production tells us the story of two good friends. They have always dreamt of doing something important in the world of theatre. Another festival is coming soon, and they decide to write a musical and participate in the event. They have little time, as only three weeks left, but they try their best.

When they start, they have not much inspiration, but then the ideas begin to flow. Two men ask their friends (the girls) to join and help them. The guys are struggling to create an interesting plot, while the girls give them wonderful ideas. The whole group is dreaming of their show to become a hit. In this case, they will be able to do anything they want. One of the boys even desire to get a Tony. Then the main characters discuss their partnership in composing and writing to make their living.

Soon comes the period of doubts and uncertainty. They girls are suspicious to each other, while the guys think that they need something more exciting that they already have. Both of them get afraid they are wasting time, which is too little left. The women do everything to support and inspire them.

The men finish their show. The group now faces the paper work to prepare for the upcoming festival. Everything is almost done, but the heroes cannot make up a title for their performance. That’s why they leave it untouched.

The characters are happy, as they musical has been selected for participation in this legendary event. During the festival, everyone has fun. They also notice important people sitting among the audience. The main heroes now want to transfer their production to Broadway scene. From this point, everything starts changing. The characters keep arguing about various things, especially about the script. The guys address to several Broadway actresses. They decide that one of them should take the role of their friend. The tension between them keeps growing. The culmination comes during the photo shoot, as each of them is upset, worried and feels snubbed. All the characters get irritated and leave.

The night after photo shooting changes everything once again. One of the main characters gives apologies. His action provokes more sentimental things, everyone feels sorry for their separation. The heroes feel nostalgia about the past, when everything was easier, happier and not that complicated. They come to an agreement that nothing should be changed in their staging. The show will either succeed or sink as it is. No other actors or shift in the plot are necessary. The characters finally understand that their relations and their mutual toil are much more essential than the success on Broadway and material well-being.

At the end, we see four old and ugly chair, which were at the very beginning. Then they suddenly turn encrusted in diamonds. We do not know, whether their musical has succeeded, but the last scene displays that the heroes have understood, where their real treasure is.
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