Titanic synopsis

Titanic synopsis

Titanic Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action starts on a pier where a crowd gathers in the beginning day. A reason is unprecedented emergence of biggest in entire history of mankind cruise ship. Developer is surprised with own creation. He tells of the fact that he has done the unbelievable. Fireman arrives to a marina in this city. He was struck by a power of modern vessel. A huge crowd flooded this marina. Everyone hail the crew members. Representative of vessel’s owner firm & the captain of the ship felicitate each other with the triumph of human genius, to which contribute, without doubt, this liner. Future passengers begin to approach the pier. Those who bought tickets of lower class than 1st, are proud that they step on decks of this ship. When everyone boarded, the greatest in human history ship sailed.

When Titanic went out into the open waters, the company chairman, Mr. Ismay persuades the captain for ship to arrive in NY not in the Wednesday’s dawn, as it was planned previously, but on Tuesday’s afternoon. However, the captain insists on previously planned course because it is safe for the liner. The chairman proposes to speed-up, although stokers & a whole crew disagree with this decision.

A motley crowd gathered in the 2nd class. They all talk of own hopes and expectations from a long journey. At this time, the first-class passengers discuss the greatness of the human mind, which created this miracle. Young girl Kate McGowan travels with a man named Jim Farrell. The owner of the ship's company every day with more & more insistence tells of increasing the speed, because newspapers will write about this & the glory of the liner will spread around the world. Captain resists because it is a huge possibility to encounter icebergs.

With the approach of Sunday evening, the team notices that the weather is getting worse & it is very difficult to detect icebergs in such conditions. On the deck, a girl Kate talks to a man accompanying her on a journey. She says that in order to become a foster mother of his children, they should get married.

The second act begins with the turmoil: the side of the ship is damaged by iceberg. Stewards wake up in the night & take their working positions; the captain informed passengers to wear life jackets & gives the order to the radio room to make the distress calls. Command of the ship reported that the damage caused by an iceberg is more than to what the ship was designed for. The officers inform that soon the ship will sink down, but it is not sufficient number of lifeboats on the ship to save all the passengers.

At this time, the first-class passengers refuse to believe in what is happening, because the crewmembers say with confidence that nothing bad will happen. The situation worsens when bias on the ship becomes obvious & then panic grew among the passengers: all rush to the boats.

From the radio room reported that the next ship will not have time to quickly come to the rescue. The owner of the company, the captain & officers are arguing about whose fault is in imminent catastrophe. It was decided to save only the women & children in the boats, for men they simply didn’t have space. Officer Murdoch informs the captain that it was entirely his fault, but the captain forgives him.

The next early morning the first arrived at the crash site ship rescues those who managed to survive in the cold waters of the ocean. People mourn the dead relatives & friends & the owner of the company & the employees of radio room discuss whether it was possible to prevent the tragedy.
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