They're Playing My Song (His) lyrics - They're Playing Our Song

They're Playing My Song (His) lyrics

They're Playing My Song (His)

Oh ho they’re playing my song
Oh yeah they’re playing my song
And when they’re playing my song
Every body’s got to
Sh Sh Sh

Don’t say a word now
Listen to that sweet melody
I’m happy to say
In my own humble way
Every perfect note of that was written by my

Oh ho they’re playing my song
That table’s humming along
That couple half out the door
Is comin’ back to hear more of my music

At first I thought this place was a dive
I chose it in haste but
They show they’ve go taste
As long as they’re playing my song

Who would have known
Nine months ago
That I would give birth at my piano
In all honesty
I’ve got to admit
I knew this song would be an international hit

Oh ho they’re playin’ my tune
Too bad it’s ending so soon
But then we all got to go
It’s good to know that they’ll be playin’
Oh God I’m prayin’
They’ll be playin’
They’ll be playin’ my song
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