They're Playing Our Song synopsis

They're Playing Our Song Synopsis - Broadway musical

The popular and successful composer Vernon is looking for a collaborator for his further work. He met impulsive and unbalanced Sonia, who writes poems and lyrics to the songs. Meeting and acquaintance with the composer take place in the apartment on Manhattan. She admires his accomplishments and awards. Composer, as a purposeful man, completely immerses himself in the work, and the poetess is windy and fickle. They find it difficult to work together. But the composer had already written one work on her lyrics. Satisfied with the result, they decide to continue to work together. Sonia is going through difficult parting with her lover – Leon. They separate, then get together again. Therefore, at the first working day, she comes too late. Haven’t had really started, Sonia says that for the inspiration, they need to know each other better and they go to dine to ‘Le Club’.

Next attempt to cooperate also failed. The woman comes too late again because she had to calm down her abandoned lover. Collaborators quarrel at first, then dance a bit to calm down, and sit to listen to their own songs. The next time the work is progressing badly again – they are two people who have little understanding of each other. Composer persuades a woman to go with him for the weekend in a house on the beach to Long Island. The road was not easy, the engine in the car worked unstably. Upon arrival, Leon rang again, but Sonia decided to focus on Vernon and told her former lover that she could not help him.

Woman moves to live to the composer’s place saying that a former lover lives in her apartment. Although their collaboration brought some first fruits, living together in an apartment became impossible. Composer loses sleep; he is close to a nervous breakdown. He loves this woman, but does not dare to say it to her. Sonia cannot solve the issues with her former lover, who keeps ringing all the time. She constantly brawls with her lover and a composer. Not having finished work on recording the songs, the couple separated.

A few months later Vernon goes to the hospital, and he is visited there by Sonia, who brings him red baby piano as a gift. Both realize that they cannot live without each other. Composer comes to Sonia’s apartment and says that they need to try again. She agrees. Reconciliation takes place. In the final scene, they kiss.
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