They're Playing Our Song review

They're Playing Our Song Review - Broadway musical

The basis of the musical is the real story of the composer Hamlisch and poetess C. Sager. We can see how difficult the creative process is. Especially when it involves two talented and creative individualities. Such cooperation gives birth to such products that are listened for many years, by several generations. It is difficult to imagine how these two people could fit together in everyday life. Only unifying power of art makes these two antipodes reconciled.

Very interesting to see how serious and balanced Vernon is trying to work with ‘crazy’ Sonia. The audience is sympathetic to the composer in the course of the play, constantly asking oneself why did he tolerate her, how can she mock a celebrity. Probably, a composer has personal interest in this woman. Perhaps, the understanding that only stepping through these difficulties, a masterpiece can be born, makes him work hard. We can observe that creative people live quite difficult emotionally life, sometimes on the verge.

For Sonia, it is a normal state – to live among the squabbling and scandals. It seems that she takes the creative powers from such tensed atmosphere. This explains her long reluctance to break with former lover Leon. She probably could not exist in quiet atmosphere. Instead, Vernon received a breakdown. But when the happy end comes, and the creative union reunites, you understand that these people have truly found each other.

Light and high sensation remains after seeing the musical. Of special interest, it will be for ones who love to watch the complex relationship between man and woman. Well, the beautiful music will not leave anyone indifferent. CD with songs from this musical are produced so far. Composer M. Hamlisch with actors R. Klein & L. Arnaz still organize recitals for musical fans, having the great success.

The play has received World Theatre Award. It was nominated several times on Tony in 1979 and Drama Desk 4 times; to Laurence Olivier Aw. in 1980 3 times.
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