Let Me Finish (Reprise) lyrics - Tell Me On A Sunday

Let Me Finish (Reprise) lyrics

Let Me Finish (Reprise)

I've done it again!... trust me
If you want something ruined, give it to me
Show me a dream and I'll show you a nightmare
I'm not a little girl anymore... I keep forgetting that
Whatever I do now is bound to be a mistake
Maybe I expect too much...

Sit down... there is something I've got to tell you
Don't know how to start... you've been very good but it's just no good
Let me finish, oh please let me finish
It doesn't make sense, us staying together
Yes I know you love me and I love you...
We're friends
That's it, we're friends
Yes I am ungrateful... that's right, always thinking of me
You only act your age if that's the age you want to be

Maybe we should both ignore what I'm saying
Have I said too much?
Yes I think I have
Oh why won't you listen?
Just let me finish... come back!
Let me finish
Come back... can't we sit and talk this thing over?

It's not the end of the world to be free
It's not the end of the world to be me
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