Tell Me On A Sunday review

Tell Me On A Sunday Review - Broadway musical

The setting was conceived by Tim Rice, a partner of A. Lloyd Webber, shortly after their successful work on the musical ‘Evita’. Despite her interest in the show, the composer did not agree to give the role of an English woman, who dated a married man who had two children, to actress Elaine Paige. Having quarreled about this issue with Tim, Lloyd Webber has terminated the relationship with Mr. Rice. Afterwards Don Black was invited as the composer. The concept remained the same – a lonely Englishwoman wrote letters home in which told her mother how she was doing in a foreign country. On the stage, there was only one actress – voices of other characters were heard from behind the scenes. Since the main burden fell on one person, leading performer was supposed to be a very bright person with a strong character. Marti Webb, who played this character for the first time, met all the demands of the authors of the histrionics.

Song cycle refers to one of the lesser-known works by A. Lloyd Webber. But individual compositions have become quite popular among the audience. This was due to the fact that the play was shown on television several times. Many critics have considered the role of an English woman thin and shallow due to a lack of depth in the female character. That is why the leading performer had to compensate the missing elements of production with her energy and experience. Through inner strength, the same actress was able to play this role after more than 30 years. The work of Marti Webb has been appreciated not only by the audience, but also by critics. They noted that the woman has not changed much over the years. When the actress began to sing, the difference between the early and late appearances did not exist.

The staging has attracted attention in both the original version, and as a two-act musical. After reconsideration of the production for Broadway, previously depersonalized Englishwoman was given name Emma. The London version of the theatrical with ballet has received two nominations for the Laurence Olivier Award. Staging on Broadway has been nominated for Grammy. Also, this production won in one category out of three Drama Desks. It was nominated at Tony Award 8 times.

Broadway production received the maximum amount of revenue for the weekend – 300,940 dollars – in December 1985. During the last weekend of the show in November 1986, it grossed only USD 151,684. The musical continues to attract attention – in March 2016, a UK tour with Jodie Prenger began, the new muse of Lloyd Webber. Excellent performance of the talented actress has deeply touched the public. In the first act goes a musical production, and after the break viewers have the opportunity to have a conversation with the performer and her understudy Beth Meyer. The actress also performs an encore with her favorite songs. Music of A. Lloyd Webber is gorgeous – show of this composer always attracted the big attention of beholders.
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