It's Always Love lyrics - Sugar

It's Always Love lyrics

It's Always Love

It's always love
It's always love
There's a violent reaction
With some chemical attraction
On her part as well as his
And to have loved
And to have loved
Or do we dare a democracy
To shatter the hypocrisy
And call it what it is
And what it is
And what it is
It's just a lot of heavy breathing
With some simmering and seething
Not unpleasant now and then
But then it starts
But then it starts
It starts an open invitation to
A moral obligation that's very bad for men
Yes, it's very bad for men
And after all
Am I responsible at all
Because she needed to believe
That I'm someone that I'm not
And if I shattered her illusions
She'll be jumping to conclusions
So here am I
So here am I
I had an innocent reaction
To some physical attraction
Now my back's against the wall
It's always love
It's always love
Well I'm not convinced at all
She'll label me a heel you know
I'm really not a heel you know
It wasn't a bad deal you know
Think how good it made her feel you know
When all is said and done you know
She had a bit of fun you know
I didn't see her run you know
She's over twenty one you know
Now she'll be hurt
Now she'll be hurt
Her little life will be in patches
And her breath will come in catches
And her nerves will be in a knot
And as for me
And as for me
For just a momentary pleasure
I have run off with a treasure
Call the cops
And have me booked
It's always love
It's always love
Damn it all, I think- I'm hooked!
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