Sugar synopsis

Sugar synopsis

Sugar Synopsis - Broadway musical

In 1929 two unemployed musicians, saxophonist Joe and bassist Jerry, witnessed a fight of Chicago mobsters. When they were discovered, the ringleader of the gang ordered Spate to kill bystanders. The musicians managed to escape, and they began to look for a way to run away from pursuing mobsters. Shortly after, before Joe and Jerry opened a good opportunity to earn money and to hide. Dispatched in Florida ensemble was searching for saxophone and contrabass players. The only obstacle was the fact that it was a female orchestra. Borrowing a dress, shoes and cosmetics, musicians dressed in women went to get a job to Sweet Sue. Joe became Josephine & Jerry was Daphne. Soon they went to Florida with orchestra.

Joe and Jerry became friends with the soloist of ensemble Sugar Kane. A girl hoped to meet in the south a millionaire and marry him. The singer even described to the new girlfriends how her ideal should look like. Joe persuaded his friend to stay in the orchestra and help Sugar to find a rich husband. Naive Jerry had no idea that the saxophonist had already planned to pretend to be a millionaire and fall the girl in love with him. Arriving in Florida, women's orchestra began performing at the hotel. Soon an elderly millionaire Osgood started to woo after Daphne. Jerry did not know how to get out of this situation and has been forced to accept gifts from unexpected lover. Under the guise of millionaire, Joe was able to have several acquaintances with Sugar. Saxophonist was sure that if the singer would love him, she wouldn’t care if he poor or rich.

Bestowing a girl with gifts he received from Osgood, Joe was able to get his. At this time, Jerry had to meet with an elderly millionaire, hiding the true state of affairs. Contrabassist understood that it cannot continue, but did not know how to tell the truth to a rich suitor. When Joe was going to confess Sugar in cheating, in the hotel appeared Spate with his gang. Soon Josephine and Daphne were exposed. Escaping from the mafia, they took advantage of the help of Osgood. Sugar forgave saxophonist and decided to go with him. Jerry explained the elderly millionaire that he is a man. Contrabassist was amazed when realized – Osgood’s matrimonial plans for Daphne did not change after such information.
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