We Wanna Know lyrics - Strange Loop

We Wanna Know lyrics

We Wanna Know

We wanna know
What's going on in New York
We wanna know
What's going on in your life

With?people,?they live in?any which-a-way
And to heck with what?the B-I-B-L-E say

We wanna know
What's going on in New York
We wanna know
If you've been chasing your dream
Cause after what me and your dad went through
To send your black booty to NYU
It appears you just be runnin' around
Without any direction
Without any direction
Without any direction

If that's what you really wanted to do
Then why don't you just stay here?

[THOUGHT, spoken]
Cause you're selfish!

Every time we call you up you just claim
That you done made some connection

[THOUGHT, spoken]
You're so full of doo-doo your eyes is brown!

You can lie to yourself if you want
But you can't lie to me, dear

You runnin' around here with that MFA
So now you gonna write me a gospel play?
[THOUGHTS, spoken]
By Tyler Perry!
Cause Tyler Perry writes real life!
Tyler Perry knows how to bring everything together with all the stories, and all the singing, and all the different people talking-
And Tyler Perry don't never forget to bring in the spiritualities
Cause Tyler Perry loves his mama!
And the Lord!
So write a nice, clean, Tyler Perry-like gospel play for your parents, please?
It's the least you could do after all the love we done gave-
And all the money we done come off of
Unless you don't love your mama
Or the Lord Last Update: July, 18th 2022

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