A Sympathetic Ear lyrics - Strange Loop

A Sympathetic Ear lyrics

A Sympathetic Ear

I like this, and I like Wicked
I come up every year to see my shows
I'm?from?Miami Beach, you?know, in Florida
Like Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia,?and Rose

All my life, I've lived for others
Made space for every dream except my own
But then one day, I looked into the mirror
And saw that I was old and all alone
So my advice, don't play nice
Don't look back and don't think twice
Don't let doubt get in the way of what you want
Just roll the dice
Stay the course, seize the day
Ride your horse into the fray
Live your life and tell your story
In exactly the same way:
Truthfully, and without fear
To spite those who wish you'd disappear
Find joy inside your life while you're still here
That's your challenge from a sympathetic ear

If you're not scared to write the truth, then it's probably not worth writing. And if you're not scared of living the truth, then it's probably not worth living Last Update: July, 18th 2022

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