Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs review

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Review - Broadway musical

This is a stage adaptation of the Disney’s animated film Show White of 1937, which was based on a fairy tale by Grimm brothers ‘Snow White’. There are also several other productions on the same product (of course – it is a very famous thing). Thanks to work of J. Blackton & J. Cook, engaged in the adaptation of the script and the creation of additional songs, hand-drawn characters have stepped onto real life and sounded lively. This production is one of the first musicals, made after Disney’s cartoons. The audience appreciated the bold idea of creators. Broadway musical was recorded on video, which made it possible to make acquainted with this show a large number of spectators. Many of them mentioned that they prefer this staging to original cartoon. Thanks to the excellent interaction between M. J. Salerno & R. Bowne, the cast was able to show the real feelings of young lovers who have seen each other only a few times in their lives. The main actress was able to completely transform into a fairy princess: young, naive and trustful. Also, viewers noticed the bright performance of A. Francine & C. Hall, who played the evil queen and the old witch, respectively.

To create images of gnomes at the request of the director K. Browning were invented and produced special masks made of foam. But as the actors experienced serious difficulties while wearing them, later material has been replaced. The second set of special masks was using terry cloth. Musical compositions of animated film were created during the Great Depression, but this is felt in none of them. Enthusiasm and hard work of gnomes, innocence and friendliness of princess, anger and hatred of the Queen – only because of the songs it was possible to show such a variety of emotions. The animated movie was declared to be a cultural heritage of the American nation, and ranks first in the list of the best pictures of USA.
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