Shrek synopsis

Shrek synopsis

Shrek Synopsis - Broadway musical

In the center of the story is an ogre named Shrek. When he was 7 years old, the parents deprived him home and left alone face to face with the cruel world. They warned their son that because of his intimidating appearance, he would always be hated by ordinary people, and unlikely ever would find happiness. Further events taking place in the present time. Embittered on others, Shrek lives a lonely life in the swamp. But once his rest was broken by crowd of fantasy creatures, claiming that from this point on, all the land in the district, including the ogre’s property is owned by them. All this takes place on the orders of one man – Lord Farquaad. Shrek goes on a journey to re-establish his private life and property. On the way, the main character reluctantly rescues Donkey from thugs. Last one, feeling that the ogre can protect him, is tied after him.

At the same time, Lord Farquaad tortures Gingerbread Man, to find out the whereabouts of the remaining fairytale creatures, which are hidden by a fairy. Then the villain learns that technically he cannot be regarded as a king, unless he marries a princess. And a suitable female candidate for this position, Princess Fiona, is imprisoned in the tower and a mysterious curse is imposed on her. According to the Mirror, the curse is exhibited only after sunset. Princess is alone since childhood, but do not lose faith that once a handsome prince will come to rescue her.

Shrek and Donkey arrive at Duloc and follow to the palace of Farquaad. On the way, the main characters destroy a competition designed to select the most worthy candidate for the position of a hero who can save Princess Fiona from the tower and bring her into the kingdom. This will do Farquaad a legitimate ruler of these lands. Shrek impresses Lord for his strength, size and aggression. In addition, Farquaad sees in him a one-time cutthroat, who, in exchange for unnecessary marsh, will take the implementation of unrealistic objective. And so it happens.

Shrek and Donkey are sent to search for Fiona. On the way, the main characters see a lot of strange things and colorful characters, including Puss In Boots. Coming close to the fortress, where the Princess is, Shrek is developing a plan of her salvation. Donkey acts as a distraction factor for a fire-breathing Dragon. Without even wanting to, Donkey charms the dangerous creature with one of his amulets. It is in this moment Shrek manages to get close to Fiona. Having read books about heroic rescue, Princess wants romance, but the savior has neither time nor the inclination for that. He brings her out of the castle using force, along the way escaping from the raging fire-breathing dragon. Once in safety, instead of the classic ‘thanks’, Princess insists that the hero revealed his identity from under the helmet. She was very upset when she found out that she was rescued by a man-eater, not the prince as it was written in the folio. Shrek explains that he was only a mercenary, and she is destined to marry Lord Farquaad. As the trio begins to return home, Fiona tries to avoid moonlight and asks her rescuers to travel only during the day light. This is due to the fact that because of the curse, Princess at night turns into an ogre, just like her savior. This discovery radically changes Shrek’s views on the situation. And his desire to return to his remote marsh as quickly as possible fades into the background. In the finale, Princess Fiona turns into ogre and stays with Shrek.
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