Shrek review

Shrek review

Shrek Review - Broadway musical

You should not directly compare it with the original animated story on TV. Of course, the relationship between these projects is direct, but on the scene, it is not always good to realize animation films with multi-million dollar budget. At the time, the creators of the movie have undertaken a great risk, daring to release this. D. Lindsay-Abaire has repeatedly pointed out that he did not want to copy the well-known story completely, but the great deviation from it was also an unacceptable luxury. The main feature of scenic interpretation is more in-depth study of Shrek’s childhood. Viewers had the opportunity to see the gradual grow of the main character from the little 7-year-old kid, to ogre-hermit living in a remote swamp.

As a rule, in the gaming performances acting fades into the background. This is what happened here, except for one artist – D. Breaker. Last embodied Donkey – the most cheerful character in the story, on which all comic elements held. Here the beholder is faced with the highest class of acting, beautiful singing and important charisma, without which the hero would have lost its salt in the plot.

The creators made the focus of production on entertainment and hugeness. To recreate the fabulous world of magic needed the help of high-tech scene that generated not only different colors, but also landscapes. In addition, were built truly grandiose scenery of the kingdom, including the tower, where was kept Princess Fiona. The height of the individual elements of the tower exceeded 7 meters. As for the costumes – they fully complied with the cartoon. Looking at the main characters, a little nostalgia for 2001 is felt. Characters rarely stayed on stage alone and often took part in massive dance numbers. In the course of the entertaining line, arises interesting fact – a tendency when the villains dance with villains, heroes – with heroes and fantastic creatures – with fantastic creatures. Music in this case is fully consistent with what was happening and emphasized the accordance of a particular character to the forces of good or evil.

Dragon is an element that deserves the particular attention. According to the director, to recreate such a large and complex monster, was spent a huge amount of money for which could be easily build the scenery for any other two performances. The resulting dragon was controlled by three people simultaneously. Every part of its body is mobile and thanks to actor Haven Burton, character could speak. Among other things, the availability of such Dragon shows how great was the desire of the directors to make act as realistic as possible (as for a magical project).
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