Seven Brides For Seven Brothers synopsis

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Synopsis - Broadway musical

Actions of musical carry spectators in 1850, in the State of Oregon. In the center of the telling is a man Adam, looking for a wife that would be able to support the house businesses & at the same time, to keep an eye on him & his 6 siblings. Upon arrival in a city, our protagonist meets a girl Milly. Young people at once begin to experience fine mutual sympathy. To save time, Adam offers sweetheart to marry him & to go to his ranch, located deep in the mountains. She agrees. Upon arrival home, Adam shows his true colors, which is characterized by lack of manners, impudence & negligence. A girl is acquainted with every inhabitant of her new spouse’s ranch – husband’s brothers. The latter ones fully share the hectic lifestyle of protagonist, but the new maiden of the premises is strongly against such. She instills a culture of communication to men and teach them modern dancing. After a while, a girl gets the siblings to the barn to meet 6 amazing young women. A process of courtship begins. Despite applied efforts of six people, almost every girl turn away from siblings. When they went in their house back, Adam persuades his siblings to kidnap the lassies they loved.

Brothers kidnap their beloved ones & then block the canyon by collapsing a huge mass of stones. Now, no one could break through this newly-built natural wall until a winter time passes. The kidnapped ones did not hide their tears & rage from what was happening. Milly was neither thrilled by these events, scolding guys & for some time urging siblings to spend a winter in a barn. Adam also leaves the ranch & moves into a hunting cabin. A winter-time passes & siblings with the stolen women begin to close up step by step. One of siblings finds Adam & persuades him to return, saying that Milly was about to give birth to child. Eventually, life is getting better on the ranch: Adam & Milly finally receive family happiness & brothers enjoy the company of their new brides.
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