Seven Brides For Seven Brothers review

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Review - Broadway musical

This production is good for professional and amateur theatrical interpretations. We can talk long about the merits of West End’s productions, but first it is needed to explain why Broadway version flopped. The lack of awards and nominations can still be somehow explained, but the closure after 5 performances raises many questions. Its just the creators could not dispose their existing assets well. In simple terms, they set the wrong accents, exposing the weaknesses of the project and hid its virtues. Hunted in the strict confines big-name cast could not show even half of their abilities. This applies not only to artistry but also to vocals. The braked manner of musical narration also spoils the impression. Under the dynamic perfectly written music, a slow imitation of fast action takes place on the scene. In such circumstances was lost the spirit of western and chases with abductions do not cause such hard-core emotions. Perhaps elsewhere musical would go further on its rental, but on Broadway such mistakes shall not be tolerated.

In West End’s production were corrected most of deficiencies of version-1982. Action taking place on the stage significantly added in the dynamics, and the characters of the actors got more opportunities for self-expression. Such would seem minor changes allowed to demonstrate viewers the real adventure, containing the incredible action, as well as a unique combination of elements of comedy and drama.

Michaela Strachan clearly stood out from the cast’s background. This does not mean that the rest of the representatives of the troupe have failed to cope with their task. It is rather the fact that the actress has shown the maximum of own capabilities, performing one of the best roles of her career. In this her character helped significantly. Milly is characterized by stability, commitment and desire to help others to become better. The girl at a young age came to the ranch inhabited by men who saw in her only a housewife. But the main character has not fall under the influence and vice versa began to follow her own line. Largely because of this, each of the brothers found a soul mate, and Adam – her spouse – understood what the true happiness constitutes of. In the acting of such characters as Milly actor either copes or miserably fails. That is why Michaela Strachan went through the first option and won the love of fans.

Costumes and scenery are integral elements of the musical, which deserve a separate mention. They ideally emphasize the tones of the late 19th century. The action looks realistic, and slice of over-acting is minimized. The creators of the show gave the audience a unique opportunity to purchase at the exit clothing identical to ones that have been worn by heroes of the theatrical. This was mainly concerned hats sold for a symbolic price of 10-20 dollars. The play has a unique atmosphere, amazingly eye-catching viewers to events occurring on the stage. Production can be considered a worthy successor of western genre and it still appears on stages of large and small theaters.
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