How Lucky You Are (Mayzie's Reprise) lyrics - Seussical

How Lucky You Are (Mayzie's Reprise) lyrics

How Lucky You Are (Mayzie's Reprise)

(improvised vocal scat)
Da da da da da da da...

I was down in Fort Worth,
Just a girl on the wing,
When I met Tweet McFirth.
Oh, could that night owl sing!
Tell yourself
How lucky you are!

How lucky, how lucky you are-

It was three weeks of bliss.
Then the usual segue:
He flew off to San Juan
Leaving me with his egg!
Tell yourself
How lucky you are!

How lucky you are!

Now I'm bored and
I'm cranky and tired
Sitting day after day.
Who knew so much work was required?!
I'd much rather play!
I need a vacation!
I'm due for some rest-
Hey, Horton, would you maybe like to sit on my nest-?

Why, Mayzie I couldn't. Of all silly things!
I haven't got feathers. I haven't got wings.
And not only that, but I'm here on a search.
I just couldn't leave my poor Whos in the lurch!

I won't be gone long, kid. I give you my word.
I'll hurry right back, 'cause I'm that sort of bird!
Oh, Horton, I promise! I'll fly back real soon.
I'd only be gone for, say, one afternoon!

(A beat, as HORTON considers this)

HORTON (relenting)
Well, we all need vacations.
All right go on, take it
I'll sit on your egg
And I'll try not to break it
But please come back quickly-
One hour, maybe two.
I need to find Jojo.
I've got to save Who!

Hit it cat!

(The CAT strikes up an energetic Latin beat on the piano,
accompanying MAYZIE as she flies off, thrilled with her newfound freedom.)

Thanks! Thanks a million! Toodle-oooo!

(The BIRD GIRLS watch as HORTON climbs the tree
with great trepidation and gingerly gets into the nest.)
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