Seussical review

Seussical review

Seussical Review - Broadway musical

To view this staging through the prism of awards, ratings and box office would be wrong. This is a slightly different creature, which main task is to make people happy and to give them a bright sea of emotions. Initially, it may seem that the histrionics is intended only for children, but it is not true. It is based on the cult literary works by Dr. Seuss that easily motivate even the most skeptical adult viewers. Having decided to combine them into a single musical, creators have undertaken some risk. On the other hand, this move has made the play unique in its kind. Until 2000, the Broadway scene never seen anything like it, and after it, one after another began to emerge projects as theatrical interpretation of several books of stories (of this or other authors). In this regard, we can say that considered production contributed to the creation of a new genre in the theatrical art.

Availability of colorful characters would mean a little without professional performers, which could qualitatively bring them to life. Fortunately, the creators have quickly found the right actors. In particular, we are talking about David Shiner and Kevin Chamberlin. First embodied on the scene the Cat in the Hat, the second – Horton the Elephant. The image of the little elephant will remain for a long time in the memory of beholders. So original and colorful characters, which went to save the world, for a long time were absent even in the fairy tales. The rest of the troupe was acting perfectly, but in their case, the more noteworthy were characters themselves rather than their scenic implementation.

Sets and costumes – that is considered the main attractions of this musical. Externally, the scene always looks incredibly colorful. Most of the performance’ events are held in the Jungle of Nool, but in its execution, they bear a huge resemblance with the classic jungles. Rather, it is a magic forest where magic plays not a lesser role than nature itself. As for the costumes of the main characters, they are performed in bright colors, like the scene itself. When creating images, dressers almost never used monochromatic materials, but the combinations of pink, blue, red and yellow here is in abundance. Red-and-white hat of the Cat has become a symbol of the play, or rather its magical component.

Behind all its fabulousness, the staging hides a huge part of educational value that could be helpful to all categories of viewers without exception. A play teaches us to appreciate friendship. On the elephant’s example, you can see how important the support of friends is. Without it, the journey of the protagonist unlikely was successful. In addition to all, the musical shows the importance of curiosity and belief in your business. If to abandon everything in the halfway, it is difficult to achieve positive results.
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

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