Disco Duck lyrics - Saturday Night Fever

Disco Duck lyrics

Disco Duck

Rick Dees:Went to a party the other night
All the ladies were treating me right
Moving my feet to the disco beat
How in the world could I keep my seat
All of a sudden I began to change
I was on the dance floor acting strange
Flapping my arms I began to cluck
Look at me... I'm the disco duck

Duck:Ah get down mama, I've got to have me a woman, ha ha ha ha ha
CHORUS: Disco, disco duck
Duck:Got to have me a woman
CHORUS: Disco, disco duck
Duck:Oh get down mama
CHORUS: Try your luck, don't be a cluck, disco
CHORUS: Disco - disco - disco disco duck
Duck:All right
CHORUS: Disco disco duck
Duck:Ah get down mama, oh mama shake your tail feather, ha ha ha ha ha

Rick Dees: When the music stopped I returned to my seat
But there's no stoppin' a duck and his beat
So I got back up to try my luck
Why look it's the disco Duck!

Duck:Everybody's doin' the
CHORUS: Disco, disco duck
CHORUS: Disco, disco duck
CHORUS: Try your luck
Duck:Wave to me
CHORUS: Don't be a cluck
Duck:I'm so happy to be here
Rick Dees:Thank you duck
Rick Dees:For gettin' down
CHORUS: Disco disco disco
Rick Dees:Thank you so very much
CHORUS: Disco duck
Duck: You're welcome
CHORUS: Disco Disco Duck
CHORUS: Try your luck, don't be a cluck, disco, disco, disco...
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