Saturday Night Fever synopsis

Saturday Night Fever Synopsis - Broadway musical

19-year-old Tony was living in NY’s Brooklyn with his parents. The young man worked in a shop for the sale of paint and had no prospects for further career advancement. The only outlet for him was Saturday night, every of which he spent at the dance club with his friends Joey, Double J, Gus and young Bobby. Annette joined them sometimes in this. She was hopelessly in love with Tony. The friends regularly stopped on the bridge over the strait and climbed on its construction. This bridge was a symbol of hope that one day friends would live in a more prosperous area of NYC.

Annette invited Tony to take with her part in a dance contest, which was held annually at the club. At first, the young man agreed, but when he saw in the hall amazingly moving woman, he changed his mind. He suggested that this girl – Stephanie – made with him a dance couple for the competition. Stating that their relationship would be strictly professional, she agreed to be his partner. Soon Tony learned – Bobby’s girlfriend became pregnant, and he could not do anything about it. Realizing that the young Catholic girl would not agree on abortion, the young man began to despair. Bobby borrowed Tony a car, then asked him to call at night.

After visiting Gus, who got to the hospital, his friends tried to take revenge on the gang that attacked him. Then Tony forgot his promise to call Bobby. Soon came the competition’s evening. Dancing penultimate Tony and Stephanie received the first place. Seeing the Puerto Rican couple, at the finals of the competition, the young man realized that they were supposed to be the winners. Tony gave award to the dancers, who were condemned by the jury. After leaving the club with Stephanie, he started to woo a girl, and she ran away. Tony went to his friends. Those decided to have fun with drunk Annette. Tony did not like this idea, and he did not join them. Then friends went to the bridge across the bay. They wanted to climb again at its construction and to receive another charge of adrenaline.

Usually stayed away Bobby at this time made very dangerous stunts. Tony tried to stop a friend, but he said that he did not care – the young man fell into a black depression due to a stalemate with his pregnant passion. Recalling friend of broken promise, Bobby refused to go down and soon fell off the bridge. Tony was shocked by his death. Young Italian was seized by aversion to his friends. In the morning, he went to see Stephanie and asked for her forgiveness for his disgusting behavior. She took a partner’s apology as before his harassment she began to feel for him not only business sentiments. Tony and Stephanie decided to try to establish between themselves a more intimate relationship. The young men were going to change own fate and move to another area of the city.
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