Promises, Promises synopsis

Promises, Promises Synopsis - Broadway musical

The plot of the musical is based on the clash of desires and moral principles. It tells the story about a young man Chuck seeking to make a career with all available means. The storyline revolves around a bachelor apartment of Chuck, in which were interested supervisors of a young man. For what they needed an apartment, becomes clear when Chuck offered a deal: the rapid advance up the career ladder in exchange for the opportunity to use his apartment for intimate meetings with their mistresses. Not to say that Chuck was excited, but nevertheless, he agrees. He was busy not only by a career. Chuck was in love with a girl with whom he did not even dare to speak. The subject of his lamentation was Fran, working as a waitress in the cafeteria of insurance company, where Chuck worked.

After some time, the boss of the insurance company paid attention to the rave reviews of the work of Chuck. Managers thus were fulfilling their part of the agreement. But instead of to advance Chuck's career, boss begins to find out the lowdown and learns about the apartment. Of course, he also wants to take advantage of an excellent opportunity because he had a mistress too. The irony of the situation is that this mistress is a secret love of Chuck. Meanwhile, Chuck sends Fran flowers, and she tells her friends about a secret admirer and reflects whom could he be. Events begin to twist when Chuck agrees to the boss proposal and receives in exchange for the keys to apartment the long-awaited baseball tickets. The boss is going to meet in the apartment with Fran at the time, as Chuck, getting enough courage, invites her to this baseball game. But Fran is in love with his boss, so the chances were unequal. Chuck learned that his love met in his apartment with his boss, and understood that he must choose between a career and a girlfriend.

The result of that choice was a strong statement of Chuck that he refused the deal. Men lost access to such convenient place of amorous encounters, and, of course, they were unhappy. But Chuck is adamant. He wants to stop loving relationship of Fran and her boss, but in fact cannot do anything, because Fran is in love with the boss, who, as it turns out, is married. Moreover, he doesn’t even want to hear about divorce. The atmosphere is heating up in the insurance company. Managers are already got used to comfortable apartment of Chuck. Where they will now take their girls? Chuck says that this is not his problem anymore. In this time, Fran learns from boss’ secretary, that she is only the latest in an endless line of mistresses of the boss. Of course, this was a hit to her.

The next hit is a Christmas date with the boss: he must spend time with his family and departs, leaving her single in the apartment of Chuck. She tries to commit suicide by taking a large dose of sleeping pills. Chuck arrives on time. He called a doctor and saved the life of his beloved. He even calls the boss, and hears him thrilled about this issue, but he cannot come. Therefore, he instructs Chuck to watch after status of Fran. The following couple of days are pivotal for Fran. She finds in Chuck a friend, which can warm her heart, and becomes attached to him, realizing that Chuck is the man who loved her for real and whom she actually needs. The musical ends with the triumph of justice: boss is abandoned by wife and a mistress.
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