Promises, Promises review

Promises, Promises Review - Broadway musical

The performance has exhibited out an internal moral conflict, which resulted in winning either of low-lying side of human nature, or the lofty principles. Love in the musical is shown from variety of sides. The feelings of the protagonist are as follows: unattainable love, lofty, clean, requiring for efforts and even victims. Love of the boss is quite different, it is to meet his needs and is not pushing to any steps, nor chasing any intended targets. Love from the perspective of men of insurance company is adventure, affair, no obligatory passion. Love of Fran is all that she lives for, giving herself to it completely. In this, she is very similar to Chuck, so not surprising that in the end, they find each other and stay together, because both can appreciate love as the greatest gift.

The action takes place in the historical period when the morals gave a crack, and the society called it a ‘sexual revolution’. During the first staging of the play, it was extremely important to show that, despite the newfangled sexual emancipation, human needs remain the same. A person requires for a soul mate and a relationship of the highest kind. The name of the musical ‘Promises, promises’ reflect hopes, which are not destined to be fulfilled, because people rarely appreciate and keep their word, seeking only to get what they want and not to please other person. Getting what they were striving for, they simply forget about their obligations. These ‘promises’ keep the audience in suspense for all two and a half hours until the denouement, which predictably is a celebration of love and justice. Counting for high entertainment, the audience will not be disappointed. The musical includes atmospheric songs and unexpected choreographic solutions.
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