Phantom of the Opera, The synopsis

Phantom of the Opera, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

At the beginning of the XX century in the Paris Opera House was selling of old props. The most mysterious lot was broken chandelier. With its fall relates the story of the mysterious Phantom, who many years ago was the music patron of this place. Chandelier again rose to the ceiling of the theater & time turned back. It was 1881. In the hall was rehearsed the evening performance. Appeared Phantom so angered diva Carlotta that she categorically refused to act. New theater owners replaced the lead actress. The young chorus girl Christine knew a whole party of diva. She perfectly performed in the evening & very surprised new owners.

After a triumphant debut of Christine, she told her friend about the mysterious music angel, who taught her singing. Soon, to her came a new sponsor of the theater Viscount & recognized a girl – in a childhood, they often played together. A girl told to a young man her deceased father’s telling, which included such music angel. A girl also admitted that this mysterious patron taught her singing. Laughed at her imagination, he invited her to dine. When the young man left the dressing room, in the mirror appeared Phantom. He took her into the mysterious world, which was located deep underground. Teaching his protégé singing, the patron brought the girl to his home & when she fainted, he gently laid her down on his bed. Waking up, she went to an angel & took off his mask to see the true face of her patron.

Soon theater owners received a note from the Phantom. He demanded that the main role in the new opera performed Christine. Otherwise, the theater would suffer a terrible disaster. Owners calmed down furious diva, assuring her in her irreplaceability. During her performance, Phantom made so that the singer lost her voice. Trying to save the play, owners let the ballet on the stage. But then the audience saw the corpse under the ceiling, hanging on a rope & heard a sinister laugh of Phantom. Using the general turmoil, Christine took Mr. Chagny to the roof of the theater, where they explained to each other in love. Overhearing their conversation, Phantom has vowed to avenge to them two.

After 6 months, Phantom visited Masquerade. He brought the owners a new musical creation & demanded a main part for Christine. Mrs. Giry told to viscount a story of Phantom. He was originally born with a disfigured face, the boy grew up in a mobile waxworks. When he managed to escape from there, the teenager found refuge in the theater. There he realized that his calling is to compose music. Viscount decided to catch the Phantom. Christine was choosing between her beloved & teacher. Visiting her father’s grave, the girl almost fell under the spell of Phantom, but she was rescued by viscount. During the premiere, Christine realized that her partner should be Phantom. When she tore off his mask, the audience saw the mutilated face of a man & he kidnapped a girl from the stage.

Viscount was in search of his beloved, when Mrs. Giry showed a way to the dungeon, where Christine was forced to wear a wedding dress. Phantom soon caught the Viscount, who found a way to Phantom’s habitat. A man said that would let go Viscount, if only a girl stays with him. Otherwise her lover would die. Realizing feelings of Phantom, Christine kissed him. Having experienced the first time in life someone else's compassion, Phantom was shocked. He told the girl that he loves her, but she forced herself to turn away from her mentor. Christine & Viscount left. Closed by pallium, Phantom started to cry. Soon, in his lair broke angry mob. But under the pallium, people only found mask of a men – Phantom disappeared.
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