Pajama Game, The synopsis

Pajama Game, The synopsis

Pajama Game, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Workers of factory of manufacturing pajamas decided to go on strike. They wanted to get an increase in their hourly payment at 7 ½ cents. President of the Trade Union Prez had to defend this claim in the course of the protests. CEO of the company Hasler told to sempstresses to work as quickly as possible. At the same time, he said that they should save electricity. The workers could not withstand such a grueling pace of work and for such payment. The new factory manager Sid came from out of town. At the first meeting, he fell in love with workers’ of the trade union committee chairman, Katherine ‘Babe’ Williams. Despite the fact that the man belonged to the management, she also began to experience deep feelings for him. But she decided to keep Sid in the distance.

Vernon Hines tracked the factory’s work efficiency. The man was in love with the head of the company’s secretary Gladys. His constant jealousy repulsively acted on the girl. Seeing their relationship, Mabel, secretary of the new manager, have decided to help the couple. She tried to influence Hines, explaining to him that jealousy – not the best feeling to win Gladys. At this time, Sid was again rejected by Babe. Soon was arranged the annual corporate picnic. President of the Trade Union Prez flirted with Gladys, but she rejected him. Drunk Hines decided to show all his skill and began to throw knives. Babe has decided no longer to hide the fact that she experience warm feelings to Sid.

After a picnic, manager visited the girl's house and met her father. It seemed that the estrangement between them was over, but after returning to the factory, it again appeared in their relationship. Since Babe told to seamstresses to work slower, they begin to do so. This was the first warning to head of the company Hasler about the beginning of the strike. As factory manager, Sid asked the people to better perform their work. Soon, he was forced to fire Babe. Then the man began to think about what he feels in relation to this girl. After some time, the union held a meeting on how it is necessary to react to behavior of management.

At home, Babe gathered Complaints Committee. Its members thought out tactics of sabotage in the production of pajamas. Soon there came the factory manager. Sid wanted to make peace with the girl, but Babe rejected him. Slowdown of works on the factory Hines took as a personal insult. Soon, Sid realized that his beloved’ activism in the union is justified. The man decided to review the accounting books of factory, but for that, he had to enlist the support of the secretary Gladys. They went to a nightclub, where a girl handed over him a key to the safe. Their meeting by chance was seen by Hines & Babe, mistakenly considering this a date.

When Sid took the books, he found out that Hasler is already added to the production cost 7 ½ cents. But this difference CEO putted in his pocket, but did not pay to the workers. The next day, seeing Sid and Gladys alone in the office, Hines began throwing knives in a man. He almost injured entered Hasler. Boss even thought that he was hunted down by mafia. Hines was overwhelmed soon. Sid made the head of the company to agree to the conditions of the workers and raise their hourly rate by 7 ½ cents. Otherwise, he promised to tell about the actions of Hasler to the Board of Directors. The news of the salary increase has brought a peace to the factory and private life of the manager. Sid began to meet again with his beloved Babe. Soon they all went to celebrate the victory of the trade union in the best nightclub of the city.
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