On a Clear Day You Can See Forever synopsis

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever Synopsis - Broadway musical

In New York’s clinic, psychiatrist Mark demonstrated hypnosis to his students. The most susceptible to the effect of this was an audience member Daisy. After the end of the session, the young woman asked Mark Bruckner to put her under hypnosis to get rid of bad habit. She was afraid to do harm with smoking to promising career of groom Warren. Daisy told the psychiatrist about unusual abilities, which she had. The woman sensed a phone call before it rang, had a presentiment of someone's fall & could even grow flowers simply by talking to them. When Dr. Bruckner introduced the Daisy in a hypnotic trance, she plunged into the memories of her previous life. In the XVIII century, a woman was named Melinda Welles. She lived in the Old World in the British Isles. Melinda turned down two suitors, because she was in love with a portrait painter Edward.

When Daisy came out of the trance, the doctor didn’t tell her what she told him under hypnosis. He only persuaded a woman that in her unique abilities is nothing to be ashamed of. Forgetting about a date with her fiancé, a girl started to share with own friends the impressions of the hypnosis session. When Daisy again visited Dr. Bruckner, she once again was plunged into a trance. At this time, Melinda was in the London’s club. There she met the artist, in whom she was in love, for the first time. Edward saved her from the harassment of another man. A woman engaged her charms & gradually an artist fell in love with her. After the marriage, it turned out that Edward cannot be faithful to his wife.

The psychiatrist liked Daisy, but her old essence seemed to the man more attractive. The doctor realized that the young lady is really a reincarnation of Melinda. At the next session, Mark learned that a woman left her husband & went to Boston. The ship called ‘Trelawney’ did not reach the destination. The doctor tried to warn the spirit of Melinda about the danger, but did not have enough time – at this moment Daisy woke up. Without revealing the identity of the patient, Mark told about her unusual case to other psychiatrists. But the story of Dr. Bruckner about Melinda did not convince his colleagues.

Attempts of the psychiatrist to study reincarnation attracted the attention of the Greek tycoon Mr. Kriakos. He was ready to finance further research in this area, if the doctor Bruckner finds out, in whom his soul will be reborn. Greek intended to bequeath this man all his state. Daisy accidentally learned about her unusual past. Also she realized that Mark is passionate about Melinda, who lived in the XVIII century. Her fiancé began to talk about a secure future for both of them. When Daisy came to the psychiatrist, the woman said she did not wish to give his head for his meetings with Melinda. She didn’t find suitable to be the intermediary between Mark & another girl.

Back at the office, the psychiatrist began to try to lead Daisy to him, taking her under extrasensory control. The venture was successful for a man – the woman was in his office. But she did not believe that Mark liked both of her essences & left. At the airport, a premonition of Daisy reported that flight, on which she should fly, will end in disaster. Soon she learned the name of the plane – it was fatal name ‘Trelawney’. Her feelings were confirmed – flight was canceled due to technical problems. The name has proved woman that she really is the reincarnation of Melinda. Daisy went back to Mark. She decided to continue the study of the phenomenon, together with the psychiatrist.
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