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Of Thee I Sing Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Wintergreen for President
  3. Who Is the Lucky Girl to Be?
  4. Dimple on My Knee
  5. Because, Because
  6. As the Chairman of the Committee / How Beautiful / Never Was There a Girl So Fair / Some Girls Can Bake a Pie
  7. Love Is Sweeping the Country
  8. Of Thee I Sing
  9. Here's a Kiss for Cinderella
  10. I Was the Most Beautiful Blossom
  11. Some Girls Can Bake a Pie (Reprise)
  12. Act 2
  13. Hello, Good Morning
  14. Who Cares?
  15. Garc,on, S'il Vous Plai't / Illegitimate Daughter / We'll Impeach Him Who Cares? (Reprise)
  16. The (Senatorial) Roll Call
  17. Jilted
  18. Who Could Ask for Anything More?
  19. Posterity Is Just Around the Corner
  20. Trumpeter Blow Your Horn / Finale

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