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An Orthodox Fool lyrics

An Orthodox Fool

If I stood over there and looked my way
What a pitiful sight I'd see.
Stupid, stupider, stupidest.
This is the declension,
Of little declining me.

I'm a self-educated idiot.
I'm an orthodox fool.
All I'm not I owe to myself,
Every discredit should go to myself.
I knew my way but I lost it.
The game was won but I tossed it.
I knew the speech but I mumbled.
I caught the ball but I fumbled.

I'm a young victim of senility.
I am destiny's tool.
I am lucky that the world has me alive in it.
If the swimming pool was empty then I'd dive in it.
With my tarnished golden rule.
I am dumb, obtuse, absurd and blind!
I'm an orthodox fool.

Shouldn't they have told me.
Love would come to own me.
Healing and wounding me too.
Nobody told me,
No, not even you.
Nobody told me, I knew.

I'm a clear picture of imcompetence
Who was fired from school.
I put money in the market when it's slowing up.
I decend the escalator when it's going up.
Like a slightly well-read mule.
I am dull, benumbed, and not quite bright.
I'm an orthodox fool.
A crazy mixed up, card carrying dope,
Thick headed, dim-witted brain of soap.
A self-educated idiot.
I'm an orthodox fool! Fool! Fool!

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