No Strings synopsis

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  1. The Sweetest Sounds The Sweetest Sounds Video
  2. How Sad 
  3. Loads Of Love 
  4. The Man Who Has Everything 
  5. Be My Host Be My Host Video
  6. La La La 
  7. You Don't Tell Me 
  8. Love Makes The World Go 
  9. Nobody Told Me 
  10. Look No Further 
  11. Maine 
  12. An Orthodox Fool
  13. Eager Beaver 
  14. No Strings 
  15. Finale: The Sweetest Sounds (Reprise) 

No Strings synopsis

No Strings Synopsis - Broadway musical

David is American writer, winner of Pulitzer Prize. In search of inspiration for his second work, the man was traveling to different countries. Upon arriving in the French capital, David went to a friend-photographer Luc. Discussing with his friends his views on women, a man saw Barbara. African-American woman worked as a fashion model and has come to the photo shoot for Luc. David was struck by her beauty. The writer also made a big impression on the girl. After the photo shoot was over, they two went to Barbara’s house. On the way, mannequin outlined to her new acquaintance her philosophy of life. Approaching the apartment, she said goodbye to new friend, not expecting to see him again. Inside she was expected by a rich playboy Louis. Barbara did not love this man, though met with him. The model was constantly assailed by thoughts of David.

The writer has met with a friend-gigolo Mike Robinson. Men didn’t care about the money, as all their expenses was paid by heiress Mrs. O'Connell. They waited for the arrival of Luc – photographer took a new passion Gabrielle – and they started having fun, enjoying own comfortable position. Soon they were joined by an old friend of the photographer. The man was in some confusion, but departure of Gabrielle resolved this issue. Soon Luc organized a party in Paris for Mrs. O'Connell. The writer saw there Barbara, which was been accompanied by Louis. David confessed to the girl that fell in love with her. He was upset to learn about the affair of a model with a rich playboy, and asked her to abandon this man. Outrageously mannequin reminded writer that they are not bound by any obligations. Therefore, he cannot dictate his terms. After these words, David left the party.

Gradually, Barbara began to realize that she also had strong feelings toward the writer. Soon a man came to the mannequin and asked her to go with him to another city. Admitting herself that she loves David too, the girl agreed to his proposal. In this place, the writer will be comfortable to work – also decided Barbara. Arriving there, couple enjoyed their life. They told each other about their childhood. Despite the favorable conditions, the work of the writer hardly progressed. Soon, the man decided to go to his friends to spend time at the party. When this was discovered by Barbara, she accused David in levity. The man was outraged by such intervention in his life. He told her that they are not bound by any commitments allowing her to tell him how to plan his work schedule. After that, the writer left the mannequin.

Barbara returned to the French capital. Lover was ready to forgive the departure of a girl, but she declined his offer to continue relationship. Model reproached herself for the feelings to the writer – they still have not yet disappeared from her soul. At this time, David joined the process of discovering new pleasures. When his friends began to quarrel, the man suddenly realized idleness of such life. He went to seek for Barbara. Finding her in a Paris studio, the writer admitted that the love to the girl became the most important thing for him in life. Model reunited with the man. She asked him to do serious work on the new project. But to do that, he had to return in her house. He could not do so. Lovers separated, hoping to meet again someday.
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