Narnia synopsis

Narnia synopsis

Narnia Synopsis - Broadway musical

Due to the bombing of the British capital in 1940, one couple decided to send their four children to the countryside. They came to a friend of parents, Professor Kirke. Manor owner’s wife forbade the young guests to play at home, but the children did not behave. Hidden in a wardrobe, little Lucy found herself in Narnia – a magical land. There a girl met a faun Mr. Tumnus. He told Lucy that now this land is ruled by White Witch. She bewitched country & always winter reigns now.

The girl decided to show her brothers & sister magical Narnia. She was able to find & navigate through the passage only Edmund. The girl has not met a faun, who promised to wait for her return & went looking for him. At this time, Edmund met with Jadis – today’s Queen of Narnia. Soon he was enchanted by the Witch. She learned that human beings appeared in her country. When she found out how many children can get into of Narnia, she was seized by anxiety. According to the prophecy, the evil queen should be defeated by four people who later would become the rulers of the country. Jadis ordered Edmund to bring brother & sisters to her palace. When she was gone, a little girl appeared. She could not find a faun, as he was taken by hodmen of White Witch.

Soon in Narnia appeared the rest two siblings. Having met with Mr. Beaver, the children have learned about the prophecy. It says that four people would overcome the evil White Witch & would become the legitimate rulers of the country. Mr. Beaver said – the inhabitants of Narnia were expecting the imminent return of the true King, Aslan. When children with beaver went to the returned ruler, they met Father Christmas, who presented them with gifts. Many residents of fairyland noted that witchcraft of White Witch has weakened.

At this time, Edmund fled to the Queen Jadis. She enraged when realized that the boy did not take the rest of the children to her. White Witch also got news about Aslan’s return. When siblings learned that their brother is in the hands of Witch, they hastened to the place of the meeting with the governor-lion, who was Aslan. He organized operation of Edmund’s return & the boy was reunited soon with his family. White Witch has agreed to negotiate with the true ruler of Narnia. She stated her right to life of Edmund, because he was a traitor. The witch was going to sacrifice him. Lion took the boy's fate on his own paws. He did not resist when the White Witch killed him.

Children mourned the death of Aslan, when it turned out that everything happened as it was described in the prophecy. The true king of Narnia voluntarily sacrificed himself. Lion knew that after that he would rise again. If an innocent was killed, then he was not threatened with oblivion – in his defense magic stood up. Soon a battle with the henchmen of Jadis occurred. Aslan defeated the calamitous Witch & her evil kingdom has been destroyed. Children became the rulers of Narnia. Many years later, the kings & queens of the magical country again fell into the passage between the worlds. After returning home, they discovered that they became children once again. Thus, their first trip to Narnia ended.
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