My Fair Lady synopsis

My Fair Lady synopsis

My Fair Lady Synopsis - Broadway musical

Two men have been waiting for their cabs at rainy night. Eliza Doolittle was selling flowers on the street under this rain. She came from the lower strata of society, which was clearly audible in her voice. A passing-by man splashed mud on her violets, and the saleswoman answered with vituperation. Eliza calmed down only when an elderly gentleman bought from her a bouquet. Suddenly she heard rudeness – another man addressed to her, using her own style of speech. Explaining that he is studying phonetics, the gentleman began to complain about the horrible slang of flowers-seller. He said that could in 6 months transform Eliza into a lady, teaching her the correct pronunciation. An elderly gentleman introduced himself. His name was Colonel Pickering – he studied Indian dialects. The fond in phonetics man named himself as Mr. Higgins. Both of them had heard about each other, so were glad to meet. Professor Higgins invited the colonel to stay in his house.

When they were discussing vowels, the housekeeper entered. She said that the woman came with a terrible accent to the owner. It was Eliza. Flower person wanted to take pronunciation lessons to get a job in a florist shop. Pickering made a bet with Higgins – he pays for classes, and the man prepares a woman for visit of the embassy’s ball, where no one had to guess about the origin of Eliza. Agreed, Professor entrusted care of the flower girl to his housekeeper. In the morning, Eliza's father went to Higgins. He said that living next to a man threatens the honor of his daughter. The professor was shocked by the lack of moral principles in her father – after receiving 5 pounds, he allowed his daughter to stay in someone else's house. Higgins flippantly recommended this man to American millionaire, who was looking for an object of lectures on moral principles.

Education was not happy for Eliza – she was tired of repeating phrases that were supposed to make her speech better. But soon she was able to pronounce one sentence perfectly. All were very happy about this. After a while, Eliza had perfect pronunciation. The first coming out was decided to carry out on the hippodrome. Higgins persuaded the mother to take the girl in her seat and to talk to her about the weather and the health of others. Speaking in slang, Eliza spoiled the positive impression made on visitors of the races. But she managed to win the heart of Freddy – the young man wanted to meet with a girl, but the flower girl did not want to communicate with him – it was him who splashed mud on her violets.

The day of the embassy ball arrived. Nobody suspected Eliza in ignoble origins. The surrounding ones were delighted with the manners of a girl and only a professor continued to treat her as an experiment. After the ball, upset Eliza told to a man all she thought about him. After leaving his house, she faced with Freddy. Refusing to listen to the boy, the girl went with him to her father and old friends. They did not recognize Eliza in her new gown and with her manners and speech. Father received a bequeathing from an American millionaire of 4000 pounds and now was going to marry his female partner. Realizing that she no longer belongs to this circle, she left them.

The professor was angry about the behavior of a girl. Higgins said that he was glad Eliza walked away, but he has already started to miss the florist. The man put in a phonograph the record made during his first lesson with a girl. He heard own harsh words towards Eliza. Realizing the truth of florist, the man was sure that she would never return to him. Suddenly in the house of Higgins, slang speech sounded again. Eliza stood in the doorway and saw the professor's reaction to the record. She decided to return to Higgins, of which he was very happy.
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