My Fair Lady review

My Fair Lady review

My Fair Lady Review - Broadway musical

This work is one of the best musicals of the world. An unusual story about a girl learning the subtleties of high society communication won the audience’s hearts across the planet. Staging has been recognized as an outstanding immediately after the premiere. Initially, a professor of phonetics was not sure of his success when he took a florist girl as a student. And yet the idea of showing that any person with appropriate training can be perceived as the representative of high society, was very interesting for a man. He decided to conduct an experiment, and the object of it was Eliza. She did not think that the lessons could be so boring – she did not want to repeat the same phrase over and over again in a row. But, being able to pronounce the words correctly, florist assessed her capabilities – she could be a real lady! Reaching the maximum success at the embassy ball, she was very happy. But her joy was marred with an attitude of the professor. The man still saw her as just rootless flower girl.

Henry Higgins did not notice how Eliza has changed during the time that she spent in his house. The girl herself was not fully aware of this. Only when the she tried to go back to the old life, she realized that continue living in her old way was impossible. Thanks to Professor, her fate has changed, and making a step back was unacceptable. Back at the house of Higgins, she saw that the man is aware of his not best behavior in relation to her. Realizing his feelings, Eliza decided to stay with him, even though she had the opportunity to start a relationship with another noble young man. Yet the one who spent at her education a lot of efforts, appeared for the former florist much more important than Freddy, a new acquainted. She decided to forgive her former teacher for the coldness and harshness as he was a man who won her heart.

Immediately after the premiere, the musical has attracted the attention of the public. Critics appreciated the histrionics as the first class. Particularly subtle irony and wisdom present in the plot were noticed in reviews. Excellent performance of actors taking part in the musical also caused the admiration of critics. The play received numerous awards – many prizes marked this production. Amazing performance’ numbers entered into the world music collections. Songs of F. Loewe featured a special lightness and melodiousness. This musical has entered into constant repertoire of many theaters of the world. The spectators do not miss the opportunity to see this magnificent spectacle to enjoy a well-known musical numbers, wherever it is played at the moment. Because it is a Cinderella told in the new way – a rich person gathers a girl from the street in the literal sense, makes a gorgeous person out of her and takes her to live along with him. This is a dream of many-many girls.
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