Mr. President synopsis

Mr. President synopsis

Mr. President Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the staging takes place in the US during the time of the Cold War. The family of the President is in the center of the plot in this performance. We see everyone – his children, wife and his political life. One of his kids – a daughter – is one of the main characters. Her life is an important part of the storyline. She is involved in a romantic affair with a respectable man from her father’s circle. He seems not to be sincere. But the gird does not notice it. There is another guy in the story, who is in love with her. He is not a political man, but they have grown up together. He knows her for the whole life and wants to take care of her. He is sure that the girl will never pay attention to anyone like him.

The President is going to have a good-will tour. He visits several countries in Europe, including the Soviet Union. He calls the leader of this country a wild cat. This phrase gets him into some troubles. But later, he says a wonderful and humanizing speech, which makes the Soviet people like and respect him as a politician. His son appears to be very good at the Russian language, which also impresses them.

After coming back home, the President has some problems, and his party starts to lose popularity because of his mistake. His son tries to protect the father and beats the party’s chairman on the TV. But anyway, the President has to leave the office after the end of the term.

The action of the musical is moved to Ohio, where the family of a former President currently resides. They live a simple mundane life. Soon, they are asked to visit a party in the White House. There, the daughter finds out that her beloved is not interesting in her anymore. He has a romance with the other woman – a daughter of a new ruler. They finally break up, and she leaves with the friend of her childhood, who loves her.

The ex-head of state is invited to replace one of the late senators of Ohio. He wants to take an office, but decides to refuse, as he understands the true motives of the governor. Later, he gets another opportunity to return to a political life. The current ruler of the United States tells him to go to the international summit on behalf of the country. It happens because of the respect he has received after visiting the Soviet Union.
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