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Finale Lyrics

...And even when you say goodbye,
If your voice has
"I don't want to go" in it,
Say goodbye with a little "hello" in it...

Shalom, Shalom,
You'll find Shalom
The nicest greeting you know;
It means bonjour, salud, and skoal
And twice as much as hello.
It means a million lovely things,
Like peace be yours,
Welcome home.
And even when you say goodbye,
You say goodbye with Shalom.

This is the land of Milk and Honey
This is the land of sun and song and
This is the world of good and plenty
Humble and proud and young and strong and
This is the place where the hopes of the homeless
and the dreams of the lost combine
This is the land that heaven blessed and
This lovely land is mine
This lovely land is mine
This lovely land is mine
This lovely land is mine!
Last Update: June, 12th 2013

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