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Milk And Honey review

This musical might seem quite unusual. It is not just a typical story about Americans. Here a viewer might get acquainted with the other country, its culture and spirit. The audience might see & feel the love towards the native country, though the patriotic idea has not considered to be the main one.

The main thing in the story is finding love. The Americans try to find one in Israel, and some of them really succeed in it. However, there is a moral issue in the story as well. The mail character, who has come to see his daughter, falls in love. But he is married. First, the woman he likes, cannot admit this fact. And after some time, he himself understands that it is not right. Even if he has been far away from his spouse for many years, he must divorce and put an end to their relations before starting a new affair. He finally chooses to do the right things, but we can’t still know, whether he will redeem his promise.

Another interesting thing is the costumes. They really deserve the attention and praise of the audience. The musical was even nominated for an award in this category. What is more, all the members of the cast are gifted. They were able to transfer the main features of each character. The songs perfectly match the show. It must have been hard to find a good composer for such task, but the creators have managed to do it. Almost every composition from ‘Milk and Honey’ has become a hit.

Thus, if you want to enjoy special atmosphere of Jewish country, to know more about its culture and, of course, to listen to wonderful music by the great composer – you should watch ‘Milk and Honey’ by all means. The light plot, which contains an important moral, will not leave the audience indifferent.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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